Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Review: The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum

Salam everyone!

Age is indeed just a number but that doesn't mean we can take our skin lightly. Prevention is always key. And that's why I'm taking a step ahead and preventing it now hehe cause it's never too early! Introducing, The Therapy First Serum from The Face Shop! The latest addiction to The Therapy range alongside The Therapy Moisture Blending Cream. 

For your info, The Therapy range is an European blending formula-based skincare. It's formulated with anti-aging effect that uses rich mineral and blue algae that contains high anti-oxidant that helps in restoring our skin's natural radiance! 

This serum is the first step to our skincare regime after cleansing. I got to be honest here, my skincare steps were always like this; Cleanser > Toner > Serum and so on. It was a bit hard to get used to but I kind of prefer the new way better. The First Serum contains Thalassotherapy essential water that gives so much benefits to our skin. Such as anti-aging effect and extra protection to our skin from hot weather and air-pollutions. And did you know that it contain 100x more mineral than Evian mineral water? Crazy amazing! 

Not only does the First Serum helps in keeping us young and radiant with it's blending formula with Crystal particles and essential oils, it also helps in boosting hydrating to our skin as well as better absorption of other products after. That's why it's best to use it first right after cleansing. It also acts as an exfoliant when use together with The Therapy Green Tea cotton pad. Cool huh? 

How to use it? Pump out 1 or 2 times and apply to our skin by following our skin texture outward. There are so many ways of using this serum. You can use it as face mist (my fave! perfect for that extra hydration boost under a hot blazing sun!), massage gel and even face pack! I feel relaxed when using it as my skin really enjoys the water goodness. 

I apply the The Therapy Moisture Blending Cream right after and it makes my skin even more glowing and hydrated. This moisturizer is a double layer formula mixed with essential oils (Sandalwood, Avocado & Palmarosa) and rich moisture cream. It also uses the Thalassotherapy essential water. 

Overall, I really enjoy adding these two to my skincare regime. They have so many benefits and they keep my skin fresh and hydrated. They also help a lot in improving my skin texture and smoothness of my makeup. They make my foundation easier to blend hehe the perfect prep! Recommends for normal to dry skin. If you have oily skin or acne prone like me, it's best if we cure our acne first as the First Serum is nourishing enough to cause more breakouts. But it varies from person to person hehe as for me, it works fine :D

Come and give it a try. You'll love it! 

Price: RM148.29 | 130ml

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