Sunday, May 1, 2016

Review: Nour Ain Beauty Care Skincare Full Set

Salam everyone!
HI! I'm back hehe. I know, it's a bit shocking of me to try local skincare of my own accord. Especially given my past experience with local skincare, Azie Kosmetik (read it here). I have tried Nour Ain before, roughly around 2 years ago but my skin was at its worst so I stopped and started consuming Accutane. If you have severe acne problem, you can do some research on Accutane and consult your local doctors on it. It's good! 

But because one of my BFFs is an avid user and strong believer (HAHA HI MEDINA :P) of Nour Ain and she's fairer than me now, I got inspired to try it once again. She also managed to influence her housemates to try this brand too. Her skin shows so much improvement so tadaa! here I am now hehe. Been using it for a month now and a month is enough for me to document my thoughts and reviews. Gituu~

 Trial Set 3 in 1 - RM 54
UV Foundation - RM30      |      Night Cream - RM40       |       Toner - RM30      |       Vita - C Serum - RM22 (10ml)   RM66 (30ml)
I started with the trial set; consisting of Beauty Soap (60gm full size), UV Foundation (10gm full size) and Night Cream (5gm deluxe size). But the Night Cream only lasted me for 1 week++ so I bought the full size after that. For the soap, I cut it into smaller pieces and store it in my Clinique Soap Case from my previous Clinique Soap. 

My skincare regime: I wash my face 2x a day with the Beauty Soap using my clarisonic. Then I either air-dry my face or pat it dry with a tissue. Once dry, I spray the toner evenly and pat it into my skin. For Morning, I continue my regime with Clindamycin Cream just around acne area before putting on Sunblock. I know the UV Foundation is also a sunblock in disguise but I have major trust issues with products claiming to have sunblock in it (ie: moisturizer, bb cream, etc). Only then I apply the UV Foundation. For Night, after toner, I apply the Vita-C Serum and pat in into my skin as well. I wait for it to absorb before spreading B.Liv Off With Those Heads (here) around my nose and chin. And lastly, I spread the Night Cream all over my face. 

Honestly, I've never been more eager to clean my face each day as I love how clean it is. I saw improvement around Day 5 of using it. My skin is improving a lot and to see it changing positively right before me is just, Alhamdulillah :') I can now face the public with no makeup! hehe. My acne has reduced tremendously. Not that I have a lot when I started but it pops out lesser than usual inc during period. My skin becomes so smooth now, a tad fair and my scars are fading bit by bit. My skin is still oily and my pores are a bit enlarged and more visible now OMG. But everything smells nice and calming. My skin loves it so much! A must try! I even got my sister to try it too. SO IN LOVE WITH THIS BRAND! P/s: Will review the UV Foundation soon! 

Where to buy it? Check your local jamu stall or search on google, FB, Carousell or Insta!

Nour Ain Beauty Care -- Malaysian made. Approved by KKM. Safe and halal for us Muslims to use. Doesn't contain any dangerous ingredients or mercury. Instead, made of natural herbs, virgin coconut oil, olive oil and lemon citrus. And most importantly, NO PENGELUPASAN! *hip hip, hooray!* It's suitable for all skin types but aiming more towards acne prone, oily & problematic skin. 
You can read Nour Ain's individual products descriptions (here)

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