Thursday, February 25, 2016

Review: NARS Audacious Lipsticks

Salam everyone!

When Nars first came out with these lipsticks, all the girls and the grandmas were crazy over it. All over Instagram I saw my blogger friends raving about it and they all bought Audrey which unfortunately at that time, Nars was only available at Pavilion so that shade was sold out. Instead, I bought (well my boyfriend actually bought for me ) these;
From left - Janet, Michiyo, Anna, Carmen & Dominique. (Anna & Dominique I bought in UK)

Hehe, sorry for them being dirty *tutup muka* I tend to travel with them because they are just so good! And the colours from the 2 pictures above got mixed up with the name picture at the bottom up there (geddit?). Following the first 2 pictures; From left -  Carmen, Anna, Michiyo, Janet and Dominique. These are just 5 out of 40 shades that they carry. And these lipsticks are so creamy, awesome colour pay-off and gives a fuller lip effect to you - no kidding! Even Temptalia gave them almost all As and only 6 Bs out of 40 shades! 

You could probably tell that I use Janet (purple) the most. It's so beautiful on me! Plus, it's the least vibrant colour (before I added Anna & Dominique) I could pull off everyday. Michiyo (Pink) is just way too vibrant like a crazy Nicki Minaj pink. I wore it once during practicum on an assembly day and boyyy, bad day to test it out! HAHA. 

Trust me, Michiyo looks way brighter irl but these are the colours worn on lips. Again, they are the creamiest, velvety feel, satin finish lipsticks I've ever tried. I even told my mom to get one in UK. I said that these lipsticks would blow her mind and change the way she sees lipsticks (over gila) HAHAHA but that's actually how I feel about them + they are quite long lasting. Temptalia gave Anna a B+ but to me, Michiyo is a B+. And Dominique is this beautiful purple-ly-grey shade that Idk how to style it but it's absolutely beautiful! 

Price: $32 | MYR 140-ish @ All NARS stores nationwide 

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