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Salam everyone!

Blackheads and whiteheads are my worst enemy. Since I quit facial, it has been pretty hard to handle them. They very nakal you know. Especially when you do not have the proper tools and products to get rid of them. Then, I was introduced to the brand B.liv that is well-known for their pores and black/whiteheads products among beauty bloggers. It is time to put them to the test!

Comes in this beautiful bright yellow box, this B.liv Pores Be Clean pack consists of three (3) items; Off With Those Heads, Deep Impact & Absolute Matte Masks. This pack is targeted to clear the whiteheads and blackheads, deep cleanse the pores as well as purifying it to bring out one's inner beauty. 

Off With Those Heads (30ml) | Original price: RM178.30 (40ml)

To combat whiteheads and blackheads, this is the shiz. It is said to remove them heads without violence or pain and stops them from appearing ever again (Wow!). This light texture gel softens what's clogging/blocking the pores allowing effortless extraction and removal of all those junks. It is also said to remove all the heads completely in 14 days (Wow 2.0!).

Made from three (3) main active ingredientsTea Tree Oil - A popular remedy for acne condition (oil & comedone control, soothing). It has a powerful antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-bacteria properties. Witch Hazel Extract - Helps to reduce oil and comedone, soften the skin, minimizes pores and reduces irritation. Aloe Vera Extract - Has anti-inflammatory properties thus, it is soothing and provides great amount of hydration. 

Deep Impact (50ml) | Original price: RM 61.32 (50ml)
It does not only cleanses the skin but as your massage it, the beads in it gently exfoliates and clarifies the skin turning it to porcelain perfection. It also promotes micro-circulation for a healthy-pores skin, prevents blemishes and pores blockage. 

Made of five (5) active main ingredients; Kaolin - Known to absorb excess oil and dead cell that can clog pores and often used as facial mask to reduce shine. Jojoba beads - Made form 100% pure, natural Jojoba wax with no sharp edges used to gently exfoliates the skin for glowing perfection. And the other three are Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera and Tea Tree

Absolute Matte masks (2pcs) | Original price: RM 49.90 (7pcs/box)

Do not get mad, get matte! This mask helps to combat excess sebum and control shine while purifying and refreshing our complexion. It uses active charcoal mask sheet that goes deeply into the skin and helps to de-clog pores for hours and hours. 

Made of three (3) main active ingredients; Retinyl Palmitate - Regulates sebum secretion and stimulates skin regeneration. Zinc Sulfate - Combats excess sebum, controls surface shine while clarifying complexion. Willow Bark Extract - Used as exfoliants to lift away impurities with blemish-control properties.  

Off with those heads:
First of all, the smell is a major turn off. Smells like a minty-cough syrup. But it does not linger, thank God! I have not tried it for a full 14 days yet but I can see some improvements. I only apply it around my T-Zone and my nose cam a bit smooth and blur-out sikit. I have major blackheads right now and Alhamdulillah, it does not appear too much under makeup now. 

Deep Impact:
My very particular when it comes to scrub-like products but I'm glad this one does not harm it as it did not irritate or feel harsh on my skin at all. It is kind of fun scrubbing my face till the beads fully dissolve in. It also brightens my skin sikit and it makes my pores blurry by just a tad. 

Absolute matte:
OMG ITS BLACK! HAHAHAHA. Did not see that one coming tho. But then I remembered that it uses charcoal sheet to tarik all the junks then I am like, 'Riiiiiight" LOL. Loved the minty scent and cooling sensation. It made me feel refreshed. Always loved that on masks. And it worked like magic I must say in terms of shine control. Used it before putting on makeup and my nose stayed dry and only a little bit oily late in the evening. But because I am only oily on the T-Zone and rest of my face is dry, it made my other areas a bit drier. So take note those with dry-combo skin. But overall, not bad!

Price: RM 155.66 @

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