Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Review: ABH Contour Kit (Light)

Salam everyone! 

Meet my beloved (hence, dah lunyai) contour & highlight kit! Hehe. Tak sah kalau tak guna this every time I'm doing my makeup. I also have the Autralis Contour Kit (Light) that I got from Aussie. Planning on doing a comparison review but I reviewed it once on my Instagram before I deleted everything. 
Beza dia? Contour shades je. ABH for light to medium. Australis for medium to tan. 

I think I just got this a year ago but it looks so damaged though lol. 

The Kit consists of six (6) shades; three highlighting shades (Vanilla, Banana & Sand) and three contouring shades (Fawn, Java & Havana). Mind you that Bronzer and Contour are two different things. The palette is actually self-explanatory - The two left shades are for the fair-skin. The middle ones are for light-skin. And the right ones are for medium-skin. 

They all come in this rounded magnetic pan. They can be replaced or refilled and purchased individually. You can customized your own palette if some of the shades do not really work for you.  

These are the highlighting shades. I love to mix Vanila + Banana for highlighting and it instantly brightens up my under eyes. Mostly I only highlight my under eyes tak macam minah salleh semua tempat nak letak lol. I rarely touch Sand. It has some tiny sparkly bits in them which I do not like and it is the less pigmented powder in the palette. Cam tak ada apa pun if guna Sand. 

I usually just use Fawn for contouring but when I'm tanned, I will mix all three contouring shades. And for my nose, I use Java since it is a bit lighter and less intense. Look at Havana Brown (the creamiest one), so pigmented and dark. I mainly  use it to define my contour.


Aint contouring fun, guys? You can see right how kurus (illusion of course) it makes me on the "Slimmer" side. Baru lah 3D. 
And on the "Donut" side, that is how I contour. I tak bronze my face pun, straight away bedal contour kuikui.

- They are pigmented and provide coverage 
- Creamy 
- Blend-able 
- Last long on your face
- Refil-able 
- My all time fav

- Sand a bit chalky & does not perform well for me 

Price: RM200-250 (Depends on the website & seller)

P/s: Just found out that there's already a fake ABH Contour Powder and Cream Kit. Aliexpress already selling it. Watch out guys!

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