Monday, December 28, 2015

Review: Ardell Demi & Demi Wispies Lashes

Salam everyone!
Fuyo, something I have never blogged about before. Tak pernah bayang myself blogging about lashes but I have a few lashes that I wanted to share both super cheap and affordable hehe. The Ardell ones are considered as affordable. So yang super cheap ones kena tunggu :p I have two Ardell lashes that I'm loving; Demi & Demi Wispies. 

One thing you need to know about me is that I am all about that natural look. And my make-ups are all pretty basics and simple for everyday wear. But you can clearly see that the 101 Demi is no natural falsies HAHA Ok, I bought these lashes in particular was because I wanted to dare myself in wearing something dark, bold, daring or rebel for a change. Spice up my life a bit by changing my makeup looks everyday. 

So with that in mind, I opted for these glamorous lashes. It is perfect for a glamorous night out or any special occasions. Plus, it shows great on the camera. And it really darkens up my eyes and overall look. 

Eh where did the lashes go? HAHA sorry, kita dah pakai dah :p Now this lash OMG BAPAK SUSAH NAK DAPAT! It was sold out every where! But I found them (I had two but the other one dah terrosakkan hmmm) at this really far away Boots yang tersorok from all the crowds. Found the pharmacy by accident as I was exploring the town and thank goodness they had some in stock! hehe. 

This one is pretty much everyone's favourite. So flattering, and it gives probably the most natural look. Pakai macam rasa tak pakai je. So easy to put on and so comfortable. And all the Ardell lashes are reusable for numerous of times depending on how you take care of it. 

This one is the Demi Lashes. So flattering kan?! And it goes well with every look! hehe love it!
I bought these in the UK but you can get them at selected Sephora across the nation hehe

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