Friday, December 4, 2015

Moving forward

Salam everyone! 
I am relieved that the year 2015 is finally coming to an end. So many bitter, horrible, devastating, torn, unforgettable, upsetting, unacceptable (and the list goes on and on) things happened to me this year that I wish to forget. Possibly forever, insyaAllah. Amin. I  do not wish to share as it is heartbreaking and I am still healing but I am willing to share all the memorable things happened along 2015 instead.

And also, that was pretty much the whole reason I stopped blogging because blogging makes me happy. Sharing beauty products with people make me happy. And I cannot blog when I am unhappy. 

1) Practicum
Oh how I loved those moments and if I had the chance to go back, I would. Mostly because I wanted to correct all the spelling errors that I taught you people. Especially the made up spelling that I gave because I was nervous and could not remember how to spell it and my internet was over HAHAHAHA SO SORRY EPSILON! D: But unfortunately, my teaching career started and ended there. I am not going to be a teacher. 

2) Australia
Seriously, I have nothing awful to say about it as it is the most beautiful and calming country I have ever been to (aside from Madina & Makkah). No filter is ever needed there, I swear! The scenery there was breathtaking. My aunt took us to a lot of historical ocean sides and it was just what I needed from the stressful work of practicum. Loved every moment and every scenery ugh so calming I want to escape there again!

Oh and did I tell you that I spent all my money on make-ups there? #noragrets

3) United Kingdom
Spent my entire Aidilfitri there. I think the last time I spent Aidilfitri abroad was back in either 2005, 2006 or 2007 in Makati, Philippines. A month in UK was actually my treat or reward for finishing degree. It was lovely at first but I could not enjoy it toward the end. The trip was when my whole life turned around and the Izzah who went to UK was not the same Izzah who came back. (notice my blog stopped while I was there?) But I do not want to get into that. Let's focus on the lovely moments! I stayed in Manchester for a month with my sister. I stayed in London for a few days before that. I went to Liverpool, Edinburgh, Lake District and a few more I could not remember. But for now, I got my mind locked on Manchester cause I missed the damn place. The house. The bus. The Starbucks. Boots, Superdrug, Space.Nk, Debenhams, Primark, Lobster and more! Gosh! All the luxury make-ups man. Cannot move on! 

4) Graduation
The moment yang di tunggu finally arrived and I thank God, my parents, my friends and my lecturers for helping me get through. I finally got my degree, woot! And honestly, I do not know what's up but I have yet to feel the "distant" or the "over" feeling yet like I still feel like I am in college and will be seeing my friends next semester. Haha pehal entah. Cause my friends all live far away from me and belum rasa kehilangan lagi so weird, right?

And thats pretty much the major highlights of my 2015. 

I am going to start working soon, in an office and I hope, I really hope that my life would be much different and far better next year than this year. It would be a cliche if I say that I wanna start fresh next year but really, I do wanna start fresh and build a whole different life and create a far better and well deserved happy ending with my loved ones. 

Wish me luck xx

p/s; the blog is back jeng jeng jeng

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