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Review: Horien Eye Secret 3 Months Coloured Contact Lens

Hello loves! ❤ How are you Ramadhan and Raya so far? I hope it's been a blast, still. I'm in England at the moment and isn't it nice travelling with the things you love? I had a hard time choosing things to bring, like makeup and skincare. I had to leave out a lot which was hard because I'm staying here for a month but I couldn't say no to squeezing all these goodness inside my luggage :p Besides, who wouldn't want to look all-fabuloso and glamour during this festive season am I right? ;)

Before I go into details, let me tell you a little bit about Horien! Horien is one of the largest contact lens manufacturing companies in the world. The lenses are manufactured in Taiwan, and that calls for a quality affirmation!

Horien carries contact lenses from daily wear to monthly and even coloured contacts! With the slogan;
"Feel the world through your eyes"
You will definitely look your absolute best with Horien Eye Secret Sweetheart and Fantasy Contact Lenses!

Starting with the Sweetheart 2-tone contact lenses, this series comes with 4 stunning colours!
Madrid Grey, Kiev Blue, Vancouver Pink & Berlin Gold! Yes, Pink and Gold! I know, PINKKKK AND GOOOLD!!!

And here are the two contact lenses from Fantasy series; Rome Grey, New York Green!
Did you know that all of these contact lenses from both series is a 3-month disposable colour contacts? Yes, right? Ain’t nothing better than rocking these contacts for 3 months long! I love the 1-year disposable contacts but let’s face it, 1-year? I don’t believe in that plus, there is always the hygienic issue so I would always opt for the 3-month disposable ones. 

These contacts also come with 38% water content and Bio-molecule 3D Wrap (BMW) colouring method which are safe, clear and beautiful! I mean seriously, have you seen the contacts? They are beautiful in both colours and designs! And here is a straightforward info for those who are lazy to read hehehe you know, you know :p

Eye Secret 38% 3-Month disposable color contact lenses 
Comes with two series; Sweetheart (four 2-tone colours) & Fantasy (two 3-tone colours) 
BC: 8.7mm 
DIA: 14.2mm (big eyes) *a plus!* 
38% water content 
 Bio-molecule 3D Wrap (BMW) colouring method + special designs 
Meet beauty & health concern 
Product with Certificate recognition

Oh and did you know they are having a promotion of;
Buy 1 get 1 free (38% 3 months disposable color contact lenses + 360ml Fresh solution)

Besides that, Horien also carries 38% daily and monthly soft contact lenses as well as 55% daily and monthly soft contact lenses which are the ones I have up there. Made out of Methafilcon A, this monthly soft contact lens carries 55% water content with BC of 8.6mm and DIA of 14.2mm! Not forgetting that it has HD Visual experience which means it can avoid visual aberration, ensuring visual acuity even in dark environment! :o

I honestly never tried soft contact lens before and I’m glad I did! I’m never a fan of wearing glasses as I’m a makeup addict and my cheeks are just too damn high and big that it actually interferes with any type of glasses/shades I’m wearing leaving behind ugly glasses marks under my eyes. Hence, why I never bothered wearing one when in fact, I do need to wear glasses HAHA. But after trying this, I’m seriously in love and might even consider just wearing them for the rest of my life (over) but seriously, maybe it’s just me but it’s so comfortable on me that I don’t feel dizzy or whatever :o

Guess what? I also brought along with me these two eye solutions;
Eye Secret Fresh Solution (left) and Eye Secret Multi-Purpose Solution (right)

The Fresh Solution gives a long term moisture which increases comfort. It also contains Antibacterial properties while effectively deproteinizes your contact lenses. The Multi-Purpose Solution on the other hand, contains intensive moisture which improved water holding to keep it moisturize and stay comfortable all day. What unique about it is that it gives a fresh new experience with its large Sodium Hyaluronate molecules that locks water on the surface of the lens while the small ones filtrate into the lens to supplement water. On top of that awesome goodness, it also provide all in one protection against bacteria and protein deposits. 

Believe me when I say this, the 3-Month disposable contact lenses are by far the easiest and most comfortable contacts I have ever tried, no lie! I often get trouble when trynna put the contacts on my eyes with other brands but I got through it with just two tries on my first try with these. It’s easy to put on, it matches me well, not too big and not too small. It also doesn’t irritate my eyes and make it red. And the best part is, I went shopping the whole day while I was in London (now I’m staying in Manchester) and surprisingly, I only felt dizzy around 10 hours of wearing them HAHA an achievement for me okay because usually I can only last for 3-4 hours HAHAHA.

Here are something you don’t want to miss!

Buy 3 free 2 
Purchase 3 boxes of 55% Monthly soft clear contact lens you
 can enjoy another extra 1 box & 60ml solution for free!

Free Mini Lens case box 
with every purchase of 38% Monthly soft contact lens 
or 38% Monthly color contact lens

Interested in checking them out? Find them here:

    @Horien Eye Secret  # Horien Eye Secret

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