Saturday, June 6, 2015

Review: Shaaanxo x Colourpop Super Shock Shadows

Hello loves! ❤ Yay, it's June! I've mentioned previously that for the whole month of June, I'll be reviewing all products/things I bought during my trip to Melbourne, Australia. I don't have any sort of theme or order of how I'm going to review them, it depends on my mood HAHA so it's not going to be Eyeshadows je for a few days or lipsticks je ke. Semua berterabur nanti :p But you know, that will build the excitement for all of you hihihi. Starting with Eyeshadows, meet Shaaanxo x Colourpop quad!

Here's a little background story, all of the Colourpop products I got it shipped to my Aunt's house in Bendigo just 'cause I couldn't wait and wanted to play with it during the whole trip so that I could rock it and look pretty in pictures :p 

I personally love Shannon (Shaaanxo on Youtube). I love her personally, her honest to God first impressions/reviews 
ugh just everything lah including her accent! So obviously her quad was the first one I bought. And tbh, I can't stop using it! 

Before I touch on the colours, let's talk about the whole products in general! It's powdery but when you touch it, it feels like a cream or clay-like feel that I don't quite know how to describe but it's really unique! Beside the textures, I really admire the packaging - simple white, round container. Everything about it is so simple yet, so amazing. It doesn't need fancy everything to be amazing 'cause their products are simply great! 

Let's take a moment to appreciate the pigmentation of the shadows, bravo!

"It’s a brightened, light golden beige with warm undertones and a sparkling, metallic finish with a soft, lightly creamy consistency"

"It’s a muted, medium orange with warm undertones and a satin sheen"

'A medium-dark brown with warm, copper and bronze shimmer that give it a light pearl finish. 
It had excellent color payoff that applied evenly, smoothly, and blended easily"

"It’s a muted, medium-dark olive green with warm undertones and a matte finish"

There are many ways to wear this quad, it's completely up to you and your style but I like all browns on the lids and this is how I wear it: 

Extremely in love with this quad in particular. They look stunning on me. I also sometimes 
place XO on the lids with Deluxe on the crease. But this is what I wear the most lately. 

I guess the only thing I don't quite like about it is that it's not travel-friendly. Wish we could 
depot it or have a palette to customize it or something but other than that, love!!

Price: $20 @

Where to get it in Malaysia? Here are a few of my personal insta-seller favourites

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