Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Review: Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Hello loves!  This is my #1 face powder that I cannot live without right now. I still love my 
M.A.C Skin finish natural but in the drugstore range, Rimmel Stay Matte is my bae 

"A powder that helps to minimize the appearance of pores, 
while giving a smooth, shine free finish lasting up to 5 hours"

Bought two shades, Transparent & Sandstorm to suit my two characters HAHA. Transparent shade is when I feel like 
being a fair-y princess and Sandstorm is when I feel like being a latino girl or when I want a more natural look. 

I love that the powder comes with Rimmel pattern logo on it. It's adorable! But it makes me sayang to just it and destroy the logo but as you can see, I already hit the pan on Transparent. It's my go-to powder and I cannot live without it. Sandstorm is a bit neglected as it does not suit me well, tad bit dark for me. Tad bit dark for the whole latino scene :p 

The feel of the powders are super soft and fine. Silky feel gitu. And it goes on smooth and natural on your skin. It does not quite provide extra coverage like my M.A.C but I find that with a compact, buffer-like brush, it gives the extra umph! to your finishing look! I love using it with my Ecotools Bronzer brush 

Likes: Pretty much everything about it! It makes my makeup look so good and it lasts pretty long too. I do need to blot 1-2 times throughout the day but it does not bother me much as it does my makeup look worse, cakey or powdery. It makes me look good all the time. 

Dislikes: The packaging. It's cute and all but it would be nice if I could slide in my puff in there as opposed to bringing a separate pouch to place my puff to avoid it getting dirty. 

And again, can someone please explain why Rimmel was taken down in Malaysia? 
We need these powders up and ready on the shelves when we run out of it!

Price: RM 20-30 (depending on sellers) 
$AUD 12.95 @ Priceline 

Where to get it in Malaysia? Here are a few of my personal insta-seller favourites
or check Carousell! 
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