Monday, June 15, 2015

Review: Rimmel London Provocalips Lip Colour

Hello loves! ❤ Believe it or not, these are probably the best lip purchases I made throughout the trip. Yes, they won over Lippiestix. I kind of regret not buying more or ordering more from my personal insta-shopers (few of them already end their pre-orders till August) 'cause they are definitely one of the best long lasting lip products I have ever tried, hands down. 

Anyway, have you read my previous Aussie makeup reviews? 

"Kiss-proof, transfer-proof, trouble proof, up to 16 hours of lip liberation! 
Weightless non drying colour for endless comfort."

Comes in 8 beautiful shades which I now hoped that I have all, but at least I have half, right? Good enough! I have in the colour 200 I'll Call You (my favourite!), 230 Kiss Fatal, 310 Little Minx and 550 Play With Fire. Now that I looked at the website, 700 Skinny Dipping and 730 Make Your Move are beautiful shades too! Next overseas trip, perhaps ;) Little hint, Europe. hehe. 

Ok, packaging! The packaging deserves the highest packaging marks possible. It is so adorable and eye-catching, it is just so cute! The colour part is pretty normal but the kiss print part just make everything uber adorable! If I could have my room covered with that print, and my phone, and my laptop, heck and my car I would pay someone hahahah over jap. But seriously though, sexxay! I think even boyfriends would gladly buy all 8 colours for their girls just because of the packaging. I know my boyfriend would :p 

Alright, enough with the kiss print. Obsess pula -.- Besides that, the applicators! Comes in standard doe-foot sponge applicators on both side. The first side which is the Step 1 is the lip colour. Then lock the colour up with the other side, Step 2 to ensure long lasting-ness of the colours and transfer-proof. 

As you can see Step 2 makes the product shiny and glossy, and it also tones down the colour. The colours I picked are beautiful and they compliment my face well. You can build up the intensity and thickness of the lipstick but I prefer just one layer each. Trust me, one layer each is enough for the whole day! Awesome kan? Even makan something berminyak pun or ice, the lipstick just wont budge! Ate Pizza the other day while wearing Kiss Fatal, nothing happened to it hehe love love love!

Likes: Long-lasting, transfer and kiss-proof, and doesn't budge at all. The true definition of a long-lasting lipstick. Once it's lock, it locks for good! It doesn't really have an awful smell. It's easy to apply, adorable packaging that I'm obsessed with! and comes in 8 beautiful and wearable shades. 

Dislikes: Difficult to take off. Tips! Use oil-based remover. The easiest way ever hehe. I used wipes and water-based remover but nothing works. And also, maybe I got a bad batch but Kiss Fatal isn't working on me. It lasts long but throughout the day, it will form some sort of clumps around a few area cam kurap haha and it also applies a little patchy. 

Although Kiss Fatal is horrible on me, I keep on wearing it 'cause the colour is so beautiful haha. But overall, I can't wait to buy all of the shades. Like seriously, the best lip purchase in Aussie! 

Watch this review by the queen of first impression!

Price: AUD $17.95 @

Where to get it in Malaysia? Here are a few of my personal insta-seller favourites

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