Saturday, June 20, 2015

Review: Chi Chi Glamarous Eyeshadow Palette in Elegant

Hello loves! ❤ Salam Ramadhan! Gosh, I feel like I'm running out of time with these reviews. I'm so lazy when it comes to editing so it's taking forever for me to upload a post. Especially when it's already Ramadhan and you know, since I'm unemployed, I bet all I'm going to do is sleep. Wake up to pray then sleep again HAHAHA even today all I did mostly was lay on my bed either sleeping or watching a movie. Oh, and scan through to social media sites! But I promise myself that tomorrow I'll do something productive!

Now back to the main topic, I have here is one of Chi Chi's Glamarous Eyeshadow Palette in Elegant! There are about 16 palettes (or more) to choose from. For examples, there are the Nudes palette, Smokey, Bronzers, Brights, Pretty and more! But as I laid my eyes on the Elegant palette, I fell in love. I wanted something different from what I already have in my stash. Plus, the word "Elegant" caught my attention hehe. 

"Chi Chi's collection of velvety soft, highly pigmented eye shadows are easily blended to create individual looks. They may be worn sheer or dramatic, wet or dry to reflect your mood or desire."

Each palette has 12 shades in them. Unfortunately, it has no name. The Elegant palette is a mixture of matte and shimmery metallic colours. Trust me, the colours are so gorgeous! Perfect for a prom, date, or if you just want to look glamorous for a certain occasion, this is your gal! I mean look at them colours! The shimmery-metalic ones are pigmented while the matte ones are so-so. 

Likes: The colours are uber gorgeous! Not to mention there are a lot of palettes to choose from, go crazy! It's actually very good for beginners who want to experiment with smokey and sultry eyes. 

Dislikes: It does not last long, maybe the base that I used was not strong enough? It has a lot of fall outs so, wear this first then foundation lol. And the matte ones are a little powdery and sometimes, I have to pack it a few times to get the intensify colour that I need. 

I used the palette in this video 

Price: AUD &22.95 @

Where to get it in Malaysia? Here are a few of my personal insta-seller favourites

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