Monday, June 8, 2015

Review: Australis Velourlips in Lun-dun, Tok-I-O & Shang-Hai!

Hello loves! ❤ This time it is going to be lip products! See, told you there is not a single order of how I will be reviewing the makeup products :p 

I bought the products during my last day in Melbourne. I can't remember which mall I went too but if I'm not mistaken it was Harbour something. Been seeing the 'Australis' brand everywhere I went too but all I was searching for was the AC on Tour Highlighting & Contouring Kit but couldn't find it anywhere until the last day (Thank God!). So long story short, I had a few extra cash and don't know which product to spend it on too so I choose the Velourlips!

"A highly pigmented lip cream with a beautiful matte finish. The creamy long-wear formula glides on 
easily with its doe foot applicator, finishing to a velvety matte look with intense, full coverage colour payoff."

Comes in a clear-tube plastic case so you can see the vibrant-ness of the colours. I picked three colours: Lun-Dun, Shang-Hai! & Tok-I-O
I was actually satisfied by the colours that I picked. It's so colourful, fun and it makes me funny especially the purple one (Tok-I-O). 

Though the packaging is simple, there is something about it that is so attractive and adorable that I can't seem to take my eyes of it. It has a 
berry scent that somehow reminds me of nail polish lol but not too overpowering though. And it's slightly shinier than NYX.

Lun-Dun (Light Pink)

Shang-Hai! (Berry)

Tok-I-O (Violet) 

Likes: I hate to compare it with NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream but since it's a matte lip cream, I just had to. The colours are extremely vibrant and pigmented and last longer than NYX. It's stickier and dries faster. It locks on the lips once I wear it, like a tattoo or stain. It has a 'liquid lipstick' formula to it. The packaging is adorable and it has wide selection of eye-catching colours! 

Dislikes: It clings to my dry patches and lines. It feels like I have a cement or something on my lips. With one layer, it kind of uneven, but with multiple layers, it looks thick. I'm not a fan of Tok-I-O though cause it applies patchy. I had to apply countless times to achieve my desired and even layer. 

Price: AUD $9.95 @

Where to get it in Malaysia? Here are a few of my personal insta-seller favourites

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