Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Review: Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Hello loves!  This is my #1 face powder that I cannot live without right now. I still love my 
M.A.C Skin finish natural but in the drugstore range, Rimmel Stay Matte is my bae 

"A powder that helps to minimize the appearance of pores, 
while giving a smooth, shine free finish lasting up to 5 hours"

Bought two shades, Transparent & Sandstorm to suit my two characters HAHA. Transparent shade is when I feel like 
being a fair-y princess and Sandstorm is when I feel like being a latino girl or when I want a more natural look. 

I love that the powder comes with Rimmel pattern logo on it. It's adorable! But it makes me sayang to just it and destroy the logo but as you can see, I already hit the pan on Transparent. It's my go-to powder and I cannot live without it. Sandstorm is a bit neglected as it does not suit me well, tad bit dark for me. Tad bit dark for the whole latino scene :p 

The feel of the powders are super soft and fine. Silky feel gitu. And it goes on smooth and natural on your skin. It does not quite provide extra coverage like my M.A.C but I find that with a compact, buffer-like brush, it gives the extra umph! to your finishing look! I love using it with my Ecotools Bronzer brush 

Likes: Pretty much everything about it! It makes my makeup look so good and it lasts pretty long too. I do need to blot 1-2 times throughout the day but it does not bother me much as it does my makeup look worse, cakey or powdery. It makes me look good all the time. 

Dislikes: The packaging. It's cute and all but it would be nice if I could slide in my puff in there as opposed to bringing a separate pouch to place my puff to avoid it getting dirty. 

And again, can someone please explain why Rimmel was taken down in Malaysia? 
We need these powders up and ready on the shelves when we run out of it!

Price: RM 20-30 (depending on sellers) 
$AUD 12.95 @ Priceline 

Where to get it in Malaysia? Here are a few of my personal insta-seller favourites
or check Carousell! 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Review: Chi Chi Glamarous Eyeshadow Palette in Elegant

Hello loves! ❤ Salam Ramadhan! Gosh, I feel like I'm running out of time with these reviews. I'm so lazy when it comes to editing so it's taking forever for me to upload a post. Especially when it's already Ramadhan and you know, since I'm unemployed, I bet all I'm going to do is sleep. Wake up to pray then sleep again HAHAHA even today all I did mostly was lay on my bed either sleeping or watching a movie. Oh, and scan through to social media sites! But I promise myself that tomorrow I'll do something productive!

Now back to the main topic, I have here is one of Chi Chi's Glamarous Eyeshadow Palette in Elegant! There are about 16 palettes (or more) to choose from. For examples, there are the Nudes palette, Smokey, Bronzers, Brights, Pretty and more! But as I laid my eyes on the Elegant palette, I fell in love. I wanted something different from what I already have in my stash. Plus, the word "Elegant" caught my attention hehe. 

"Chi Chi's collection of velvety soft, highly pigmented eye shadows are easily blended to create individual looks. They may be worn sheer or dramatic, wet or dry to reflect your mood or desire."

Each palette has 12 shades in them. Unfortunately, it has no name. The Elegant palette is a mixture of matte and shimmery metallic colours. Trust me, the colours are so gorgeous! Perfect for a prom, date, or if you just want to look glamorous for a certain occasion, this is your gal! I mean look at them colours! The shimmery-metalic ones are pigmented while the matte ones are so-so. 

Likes: The colours are uber gorgeous! Not to mention there are a lot of palettes to choose from, go crazy! It's actually very good for beginners who want to experiment with smokey and sultry eyes. 

Dislikes: It does not last long, maybe the base that I used was not strong enough? It has a lot of fall outs so, wear this first then foundation lol. And the matte ones are a little powdery and sometimes, I have to pack it a few times to get the intensify colour that I need. 

I used the palette in this video 

Price: AUD &22.95 @

Where to get it in Malaysia? Here are a few of my personal insta-seller favourites

Monday, June 15, 2015

Review: Rimmel London Provocalips Lip Colour

Hello loves! ❤ Believe it or not, these are probably the best lip purchases I made throughout the trip. Yes, they won over Lippiestix. I kind of regret not buying more or ordering more from my personal insta-shopers (few of them already end their pre-orders till August) 'cause they are definitely one of the best long lasting lip products I have ever tried, hands down. 

Anyway, have you read my previous Aussie makeup reviews? 

"Kiss-proof, transfer-proof, trouble proof, up to 16 hours of lip liberation! 
Weightless non drying colour for endless comfort."

Comes in 8 beautiful shades which I now hoped that I have all, but at least I have half, right? Good enough! I have in the colour 200 I'll Call You (my favourite!), 230 Kiss Fatal, 310 Little Minx and 550 Play With Fire. Now that I looked at the website, 700 Skinny Dipping and 730 Make Your Move are beautiful shades too! Next overseas trip, perhaps ;) Little hint, Europe. hehe. 

Ok, packaging! The packaging deserves the highest packaging marks possible. It is so adorable and eye-catching, it is just so cute! The colour part is pretty normal but the kiss print part just make everything uber adorable! If I could have my room covered with that print, and my phone, and my laptop, heck and my car I would pay someone hahahah over jap. But seriously though, sexxay! I think even boyfriends would gladly buy all 8 colours for their girls just because of the packaging. I know my boyfriend would :p 

Alright, enough with the kiss print. Obsess pula -.- Besides that, the applicators! Comes in standard doe-foot sponge applicators on both side. The first side which is the Step 1 is the lip colour. Then lock the colour up with the other side, Step 2 to ensure long lasting-ness of the colours and transfer-proof. 

As you can see Step 2 makes the product shiny and glossy, and it also tones down the colour. The colours I picked are beautiful and they compliment my face well. You can build up the intensity and thickness of the lipstick but I prefer just one layer each. Trust me, one layer each is enough for the whole day! Awesome kan? Even makan something berminyak pun or ice, the lipstick just wont budge! Ate Pizza the other day while wearing Kiss Fatal, nothing happened to it hehe love love love!

Likes: Long-lasting, transfer and kiss-proof, and doesn't budge at all. The true definition of a long-lasting lipstick. Once it's lock, it locks for good! It doesn't really have an awful smell. It's easy to apply, adorable packaging that I'm obsessed with! and comes in 8 beautiful and wearable shades. 

Dislikes: Difficult to take off. Tips! Use oil-based remover. The easiest way ever hehe. I used wipes and water-based remover but nothing works. And also, maybe I got a bad batch but Kiss Fatal isn't working on me. It lasts long but throughout the day, it will form some sort of clumps around a few area cam kurap haha and it also applies a little patchy. 

Although Kiss Fatal is horrible on me, I keep on wearing it 'cause the colour is so beautiful haha. But overall, I can't wait to buy all of the shades. Like seriously, the best lip purchase in Aussie! 

Watch this review by the queen of first impression!

Price: AUD $17.95 @

Where to get it in Malaysia? Here are a few of my personal insta-seller favourites

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Review: Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in 303 Apocaliptic

Hello loves! ❤ I know I said I didn't have any sort of order for this Australian Makeup Reviews but I thought about it, and I think I'm going to finish reviewing all of the lip products first before moving on to the rest. Except the Colourpop Lippiestix though. That would be the last thing, kira the ending of my Aussie Reviews 'cause I will be mixing them with my entire Lippiestix collection so stay tuned! 

"It's the End of Colour as you know it!
The intense rich colour of a lipstick, enhanced by a satin smooth shine. It's neither a lipstick nor a gloss... It's BIGGER than both!"

"Combining the intense colour of lipstick with a lacquer like shine, Apocalips Lip Lacquer is the explosive new make-up phenomenon hitting our shores. Packed with pure colour pigments, its lusciously creamy, conditioning formula promises a never-before combination of colour, shine and comfort that lasts and lasts"

Comes, in 13 shades, this lip lacquer is said to be better than both lipstick and lipgloss. Normally when I read the word 'lacquer', I imagine things like Liquid lipstick or Soft Matte or maybe a combination of the two except this one has a smooth, shine satin finish. I only got 1 shade (303 Apocaliptic) as the rest of the shades that were available at Priceline were not appealing to me at all. It was either nude or dark red or plum.. No. I actually bought two, one at a different store but it is wrapped so I don't want to mess it up :p

The design is nothing special, black tube fading to the actual colour of the lip lacquer. Blabla. But what got me interested is the lid. The top lid. It has this unique shiny prism (maybe?) kind of design that makes it classy. Plus, it's black! Classy already. hehe. At first I thought it was matte but shiny is find too. Though they have the matte ones though. Here

The second thing is the applicator! First, it's a doe-foot applicator. Always nice to have them. Second, the 'pocket-like' or 'tunnel-like' shape at the bottom of the applicator that allows product to sink in so you don't have to dip the applicator a few times in the tube. Once or twice would do it. Save time some more, right? 

Likes: Love that it's pigmented and opaque. You will get almost maximum colour with one layer. The applicator makes it easy for me to apply + I don't need any lip liner with it. It makes my lips juicy hehe. It has a shiny satin finish but becomes matte after a while but it doesn't make my lips dry. 

Dislikes: It doesn't stay long as I would hoped. Didn't live to its claim. It lasts for about 3 hours max on me. Less if I'm eating or drinking. It has a scent but bearable I guess. But still, not a fan.

Price: AUD $15.95 @

Where to get it in Malaysia? Here are a few of my personal insta-seller favourites

Monday, June 8, 2015

Review: Australis Velourlips in Lun-dun, Tok-I-O & Shang-Hai!

Hello loves! ❤ This time it is going to be lip products! See, told you there is not a single order of how I will be reviewing the makeup products :p 

I bought the products during my last day in Melbourne. I can't remember which mall I went too but if I'm not mistaken it was Harbour something. Been seeing the 'Australis' brand everywhere I went too but all I was searching for was the AC on Tour Highlighting & Contouring Kit but couldn't find it anywhere until the last day (Thank God!). So long story short, I had a few extra cash and don't know which product to spend it on too so I choose the Velourlips!

"A highly pigmented lip cream with a beautiful matte finish. The creamy long-wear formula glides on 
easily with its doe foot applicator, finishing to a velvety matte look with intense, full coverage colour payoff."

Comes in a clear-tube plastic case so you can see the vibrant-ness of the colours. I picked three colours: Lun-Dun, Shang-Hai! & Tok-I-O
I was actually satisfied by the colours that I picked. It's so colourful, fun and it makes me funny especially the purple one (Tok-I-O). 

Though the packaging is simple, there is something about it that is so attractive and adorable that I can't seem to take my eyes of it. It has a 
berry scent that somehow reminds me of nail polish lol but not too overpowering though. And it's slightly shinier than NYX.

Lun-Dun (Light Pink)

Shang-Hai! (Berry)

Tok-I-O (Violet) 

Likes: I hate to compare it with NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream but since it's a matte lip cream, I just had to. The colours are extremely vibrant and pigmented and last longer than NYX. It's stickier and dries faster. It locks on the lips once I wear it, like a tattoo or stain. It has a 'liquid lipstick' formula to it. The packaging is adorable and it has wide selection of eye-catching colours! 

Dislikes: It clings to my dry patches and lines. It feels like I have a cement or something on my lips. With one layer, it kind of uneven, but with multiple layers, it looks thick. I'm not a fan of Tok-I-O though cause it applies patchy. I had to apply countless times to achieve my desired and even layer. 

Price: AUD $9.95 @

Where to get it in Malaysia? Here are a few of my personal insta-seller favourites

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Review: Shaaanxo x Colourpop Super Shock Shadows

Hello loves! ❤ Yay, it's June! I've mentioned previously that for the whole month of June, I'll be reviewing all products/things I bought during my trip to Melbourne, Australia. I don't have any sort of theme or order of how I'm going to review them, it depends on my mood HAHA so it's not going to be Eyeshadows je for a few days or lipsticks je ke. Semua berterabur nanti :p But you know, that will build the excitement for all of you hihihi. Starting with Eyeshadows, meet Shaaanxo x Colourpop quad!

Here's a little background story, all of the Colourpop products I got it shipped to my Aunt's house in Bendigo just 'cause I couldn't wait and wanted to play with it during the whole trip so that I could rock it and look pretty in pictures :p 

I personally love Shannon (Shaaanxo on Youtube). I love her personally, her honest to God first impressions/reviews 
ugh just everything lah including her accent! So obviously her quad was the first one I bought. And tbh, I can't stop using it! 

Before I touch on the colours, let's talk about the whole products in general! It's powdery but when you touch it, it feels like a cream or clay-like feel that I don't quite know how to describe but it's really unique! Beside the textures, I really admire the packaging - simple white, round container. Everything about it is so simple yet, so amazing. It doesn't need fancy everything to be amazing 'cause their products are simply great! 

Let's take a moment to appreciate the pigmentation of the shadows, bravo!

"It’s a brightened, light golden beige with warm undertones and a sparkling, metallic finish with a soft, lightly creamy consistency"

"It’s a muted, medium orange with warm undertones and a satin sheen"

'A medium-dark brown with warm, copper and bronze shimmer that give it a light pearl finish. 
It had excellent color payoff that applied evenly, smoothly, and blended easily"

"It’s a muted, medium-dark olive green with warm undertones and a matte finish"

There are many ways to wear this quad, it's completely up to you and your style but I like all browns on the lids and this is how I wear it: 

Extremely in love with this quad in particular. They look stunning on me. I also sometimes 
place XO on the lids with Deluxe on the crease. But this is what I wear the most lately. 

I guess the only thing I don't quite like about it is that it's not travel-friendly. Wish we could 
depot it or have a palette to customize it or something but other than that, love!!

Price: $20 @

Where to get it in Malaysia? Here are a few of my personal insta-seller favourites

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