Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Blogger BBQ Poolside Partay!

Hello loves! 

Last Sunday (May 17th), I attended by first ever poolside party. And what's even better than attending a poolside party? Attending a poolside party with your blogger friends! Almost or more 150 people attended the BBQ party +/- their plus ones & families! Let me talk you through it!

Kids who helped with the water balloons. Much love xx

The event was held at Opal Damansara and omg the place is beautiful! Loving the pool area as well as the park. My boyfriend fell instantly in love with the whole living place HAHA. Anyway, the event started at 4 p.m. but I came early 'cause I wanted to help with the set up + I had to leave early.

Besides the food (which I will show you in a sec), there were also some attractions for both parents and their kids. There was a jewellery corner by EJS & Kelvin Gems where kids create beautiful necklaces, bracelets, etc for themselves, their siblings or even their parents! I love that kind of things where kids put their creativity to work and create a masterpiece. And there was also a face painting corner by Fannie where we got our face, you know, painted! But I didn't get my face painted though as there was a long queue and I was feeling hungry so I queued for the food instead :p 

Hey look, it's my birthday cake! Lol how I wish but this beautiful cake was sponsored by Eastin Hotel!

I seriously don't know why I am updating the blog post now OMG CAN YOU NOT IZZAH D: Although it's raw, it looked so tasty and delicious nyums! That's Abang Johan from Bakarlah BBQ. Thank you Bakarlah BBQ & GSTGroup for serving us mouth-watering food! We're talking beef, chicken, mackerel, prawn, spaghetti and more!!

We bloggers were so hungry until we became chefs that day hahaha I thought it was cute. Kesian Miriam lapar tau. So we picked the ones that we wanted and masak sendiri. Yang agak agak dah nak masak tu kita bantai makan je since lapar sangat haha beratur orang nak masak sendiri haha so cute! 

This was my favourite part! I have never been photographed in such way before. In what way? Well, introducing the talented, incredible professional photographer, Zung! His work is flawless. I'm honoured that I was given a chance to be photographed by him! Eeeep! We did the Twilight and the Head shot. Can't wait to see the outcomes! 

Cak! Anak siapa cantik sangat ni? Asked her to pose and smile and she did. So cute!! 

Seronok tengok anak anak kecil ni. I had my swimming suit under my clothes but no one was swimming at that time so I shy lah hehehe. Tengok hot mama Syafiera joining the fun! Oh and we also got a goodie bag consisted of stuff from ShillsNY SteakShack & Hei Sushi.

Kak Nannie, Boss, and me!

Thank you so much Sidney Kan for the invite as well as putting together such lovely BBQ party. 
My boyfriend and I left with a happy & full tummy! 


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