Sunday, May 31, 2015

Food review: Wanderlust, Solaris

Hello loves! ❤ A few weeks ago I was invited to my first ever food review event @ Wanderlust, Solaris Mont Kiara. And I gotta give it to the foodie bloggers out there, you guys are awesome! How did you manage to become foodie blogger until now? I mean, I can't even finish eating editing the pictures without drooling all over my computer. And my stomach kept making noises like some sort of rave was held down there. 

'Strong desire to travel' is what the beautiful word, Wanderlust means. The idea is to take their customers on a journey across 
the world through mixture of tastes from different parts of the world combined into their exquisite dishes. 

We were served drinks first. I ordered Iced Lemon and Lime Tea (RM 8) which is a 
pretty boring drink to order oops should've tried something right like these:

Lower the Beet | RM 15

Cafe Latte, Flat White | RM 13

We were served three [3] appetizers first followed by three [3] main courses and ending it up with one [1] dessert. *WARNING* I highly suggest you stop reading and eat a bit then come back. If you're reading this at night around 12 a.m. plus, go to sleep! Hahaha. Cause even I had to pause and continue writing this post XD


Chicken Chicharron | RM 15
'Deep fried chicken skin served with Spiracha Aioli. Crispy, crunchy and not oily, good match with their homemade sauce'

My thoughts: It's my first time eating a chicken skin like this. It's crunchy but a bit bland on its own. I find it really tasty when dip with the sauce. 

Flamming Wings | RM 22

My thoughts: It's delicious! It's spicy but when eat together with the Watermelon, it's like the perfect mix! The Watermelon makes it sweet and yet spicy because of the spiciness of the chicken haha idk lah sedap gila! 

Deep Fried Beets | RM 15
"Deep fried beetroots served with Japanese mayo. A healthy snack, less fattening compare with potato wedges"

My thoughts: Honestly, I never thought it would taste so good. At first I was hesitating whether I want to taste it or not but I'm glad I did! It's tasty both on its own and with the mayo! 


Wanderlust Benedict | RM 25
*Day menu*
"Bored with the common Egg Benedict? Try Wanderlust Benedict! Sauteed mushrooms, baby spinach and turkey bacon bits topped with 
deep fried poached free-range egg, bedded on crispy paratha and served with curry Hollandaise sauce. A Western and Indian tweet"

My thoughts: The most interesting meal I ate that day! They truly did take you around the world with this. It's a mixture of a lot of things. Western, eastern, etc. And it's really interesting that they use Paratha! The whole combination is out of this world. Everything about it is delicious except the mushroom cause I don't eat them, personally lol. But the Paratha is really creamy and buttery. 

Crispy Salmon Steak | RM 32
*Night menu*
"Grilled salmon with homemade strawberry basil ysalsa. Replacing the tomato salsa with strawberry, taste of sour with tad of 
sweetness to balance the fishy taste of medium cooked salmon fillet. Do inform the crew if you would like your salmon to be well done"

My thoughts: Love how they add in the strawberries. The fish is soft and boleh lah but when eat together with the strawberries it adds a hint of sourness to the sweetness of the salmon. 

Tiger Prawn | RM 30
*Night menu*

My thoughts: It tasted like carbonara. If you're in to that than you will like it! It's tasty but a little bit too creamy to my liking. Boleh muak kalau makan banyak sangat. But overall it's really something else with the prawn. Sedap!


Sago | RM 18
"Sago with hazelnut brittle, ristretto and hot cream. The hazelnut brittle melt as 
the hot cream been poured into the glass. Not overly sweet, a nice try"

My thoughts: It tasted like coffee but really crunchy and sweet. Delicious! I love how we have to mix the two together to get the perfect taste. It's a really lovely placement.

At Wanderlust, presentation and creating the best meal with the best taste is everything. The whole place is simple yet cozy and 
comfortable. And if you're a hipster instagrammer, you would love this place + the dishes they offer. A++ to Wanderlust! 

10 Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur 
+03-6211 9688

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Blogger BBQ Poolside Partay!

Hello loves! 

Last Sunday (May 17th), I attended by first ever poolside party. And what's even better than attending a poolside party? Attending a poolside party with your blogger friends! Almost or more 150 people attended the BBQ party +/- their plus ones & families! Let me talk you through it!

Kids who helped with the water balloons. Much love xx

The event was held at Opal Damansara and omg the place is beautiful! Loving the pool area as well as the park. My boyfriend fell instantly in love with the whole living place HAHA. Anyway, the event started at 4 p.m. but I came early 'cause I wanted to help with the set up + I had to leave early.

Besides the food (which I will show you in a sec), there were also some attractions for both parents and their kids. There was a jewellery corner by EJS & Kelvin Gems where kids create beautiful necklaces, bracelets, etc for themselves, their siblings or even their parents! I love that kind of things where kids put their creativity to work and create a masterpiece. And there was also a face painting corner by Fannie where we got our face, you know, painted! But I didn't get my face painted though as there was a long queue and I was feeling hungry so I queued for the food instead :p 

Hey look, it's my birthday cake! Lol how I wish but this beautiful cake was sponsored by Eastin Hotel!

I seriously don't know why I am updating the blog post now OMG CAN YOU NOT IZZAH D: Although it's raw, it looked so tasty and delicious nyums! That's Abang Johan from Bakarlah BBQ. Thank you Bakarlah BBQ & GSTGroup for serving us mouth-watering food! We're talking beef, chicken, mackerel, prawn, spaghetti and more!!

We bloggers were so hungry until we became chefs that day hahaha I thought it was cute. Kesian Miriam lapar tau. So we picked the ones that we wanted and masak sendiri. Yang agak agak dah nak masak tu kita bantai makan je since lapar sangat haha beratur orang nak masak sendiri haha so cute! 

This was my favourite part! I have never been photographed in such way before. In what way? Well, introducing the talented, incredible professional photographer, Zung! His work is flawless. I'm honoured that I was given a chance to be photographed by him! Eeeep! We did the Twilight and the Head shot. Can't wait to see the outcomes! 

Cak! Anak siapa cantik sangat ni? Asked her to pose and smile and she did. So cute!! 

Seronok tengok anak anak kecil ni. I had my swimming suit under my clothes but no one was swimming at that time so I shy lah hehehe. Tengok hot mama Syafiera joining the fun! Oh and we also got a goodie bag consisted of stuff from ShillsNY SteakShack & Hei Sushi.

Kak Nannie, Boss, and me!

Thank you so much Sidney Kan for the invite as well as putting together such lovely BBQ party. 
My boyfriend and I left with a happy & full tummy! 


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Life of Cikgu Suraya - Part 1

I was initially given Smk Rawang, Rawang when the list first went out. But thankfully (oops), the school rejected us. I requested for a school, any school really in Shah Alam as I live here so it would be much easier to commute and everything. Later, a friend decided to drop the subject so long story short, I got his spot at Smk TTDI Jaya, Shah Alam (Going to address it as 'TTDI') - a school that I once hated during my high school years (Smk Section 9, Shah Alam). WHY? It's a long story but I always heard stories about the school and idk, maybe some of us (Niners) if not many disliked the students from TTDI. They loved to fight, acted like a gangster and came across as 'rempit'. But of course, not all of them were like that. Masa Form 5 I had a boyfriend who went to TTDI and I made friends with a few people so cam okay lah, not bad. But when I heard that I got TTDI, I was like *krik krik*. No way, I thought. This is not happening. But little did I know that everything was about to change. 

From left: Azie, Thama, Me, Ika, Fieza, Dijah, Syima.

January 12th was the day I reported myself as a trainee teacher. They first week was an introductory week. All we did were relieved classes. I remembered entering 5 Beta a couple of times and I loved the class. The students were friendly, kind and respectful despite being naughty and loud LOL. I played Charade with them once and they were super loud (but they cooperated tho) HAHA and hello, how can you not know who Iggy Azalea or Ariana Grande is?!!! And also, the first week was when a girl got possessed by Idek and she tried to stab her friend using a compass. No, not the compass that gives directions but the math compass. 

We also did mural where we painted this one part,  just one wall of the school. All we had to do was repainted the whole thing. While we were painting, came a very helpful fella, Johan who later brought along his friends (Azlan, Hafiz, Nurin, Syahidallah - to name a few) and volunteered to help. So we let them paint. Then came Syahira Umaira and Anisha who also lent a helping hand. And that's how I met Syahira & Anisha for those who were wondering how I became close with them. We treated them to some Dominos as they kept their promises to help us paint till it's all done. Major grateful for the 3 Omega boys! 

4 Delta girls 

The 2nd week was when I started teaching. I was initially given 4 Epsilon and 4 Tetra. Later, I switched Tetra with Delta. Oh and I also taught Moral for the Form 3s! I had entered 4 Delta, an all-girls class before and we had introduced ourselves but never 4 Epsilon (mix-class). My first class with them was when I started teaching and my mentor came along with me. Memang goyang lah kan. Dah lah tak kenal bebudak and kena terus mengajar sebab mentor ada sekali. Awkward dia taktau nak describe lagu mana. I taught them about 'hobby' and I remembered one of them from the back said 'asal belajar pasal hobby' and they had that 'bosan ah'-face hm hancur hati masa tu. Terus tak berapa suka Epsilon :p Ceh tak ada lah. At first I felt like I wasn't welcomed. Rasa jauh whenever I entered the class. Plus, they weren't interactive sangat so I focused more on Delta. They were uber friendly and lovable. We instantly clicked during our first (teaching) class. 

Then came along the MSU trainees, Syima and Fieza. Grateful to have met them 'cause they made the whole teaching experiences a lot better. I remembered helping them when they first came in and Syima was like 'You ni baik eh'. You nak I jadi jahat ke camne :p Even though baru kenal, cepat je kita rapat. Sampai ada masa berkepit je bertiga till the students thought I was one of you girls HAHA rindu jap. 

"Siapa Cikgu Suraya?", "Apa Cikgu Suraya tu?", "Kenapa Cikgu Suraya?", "Mana dapat nama tu?", "Apa cerita dia?" and so on were few of the questions I reached throughout practicum. But the question remains...

Who is Cikgu Suraya?

Well, here is a little back story if I may. May I? I think I may. Speaking of 'may', my birthday is tomorrow, May 18th! Weeee. Anyway, I think it was during Form 1 or 2 that a friend of mine posted the 'Cikgu Suraya' story on his Bulletin or something taktau ah tapi on Myspace. Masa tu memang selalu dengar the boys from my class talked about Cikgu Suraya so stupid Izzah, I printed out the whole cerpen. Terus kena cop lucah 'cause I printed it out and shared it with a lot of people HAHAHAHA buduh.

So who is Cikgu Suraya again? Ok, she's a teacher kat this one school. And one day, a student named Amir (funny how my boyf's name is Amir too... And I'm Cikgu Suraya... *kening kening ehem*) lalu kawasan rumah Cikgu Suraya then tayar basikal dia pancit and tengah hujan. So dia tumpang rumah Cikgu Suraya while waiting for the rain to stop. Then Cikgu Suraya gi mandi, dia intai and long story short, they did it. She said something about her husband not giving her enough so she had an affair with the student. Skipping to the end (Alaaa), Cikgu Suraya moved away leaving Amir behind. And at that time, she was pregnant. He asked about the baby and she just smiled so tau tau lah anak siapa. Begitu lah cerita Cikgu Suraya yang iconic tu. 

Since I was going to be a teacher, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to steal the name I mean, why wouldn't I? Kuikui. It's like, now or never LOL. At first when zero student was following me on Instagram, it was an inside joke between me and my friends so every picture related to school I will put "#CikguSuraya" and they will get the joke. But once my students found my Instagram, it wasn't a joke anymore but more of a character, an identifier. And there was like this one time I walked passed the Form 5 floor, and I heard students shouting 'Cikgu Suraya' which I thought was really funny. Even the isolated class, 4 Sigma (just had to mention; we called it that 'cause we were never given any relief class for 4 Sigma until our last days) knew about the name. Speaking about that, I think I never entered 4 Gamma, Zeta & Lambda as well. 

Life of Cikgu Suraya continues to Part 2... Stay tuned!

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