Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Review: Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream

Hello loves! Ever heard of Klairs? ❤ I have seen many of my blogger friends raving about Klairs's products and finally, I had the opportunity to try the brand myself. On top of that awesome news, I had the opportunity to try one of their best sellers, Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream!

"Be natural, Klairs."

A multi-functional product that has a whitening effect, anti-wrinkle care and acts as a sunblock, this BB cream has been upgraded by including hyaluronic acid for moisture and sebum control powder to keep skin soft and natural all day even around the T-zone area. Did you know that Klairs have a unique smart colour system? Haa, their BB cream actually pulls out our natural skin tone while decreasing the white base and toning out our skin for that natural, healthy looking skin! Wow.

Comes in one shade fit all, this BB cream suits all natural skin tone from light to dark. It blends into the skin, corrects them redness and brightens it up and making it look a little bit dewy. Korean gitu youalls. Although it's said to replace primer and finishing powder, I stand by the fact that you do need to set it with a powder after that considering it to be a little bit sticky and lets be real, with Malaysian weather, don't ever dream to get away with just wearing foundation/bb cream. Panas deh. Nonetheless, it instantly hides them pores and redness; evens out my skin tone and did I mention that it's suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin? Score! 

Seriously, the BB Cream gives a flawless foundation-like result. It has a light++ to medium++ coverage if you get what I mean LOL. I love the fact that the BB Cream comes in a pointy-tip tube. Freaking easy to squeeze everything out or just the right amount. No wastage! So far I love everything about it especially the fact that it brightens up my face about one shade lighter 'cause that's how I love my base to be - making me look lighter :p I guess the only downside is that it takes quite awhile to set. Sometimes when I can't wait, I straight away apply powder and still, my face feels sticky meaning it's not quite set yet. But other than that, love it! No wonder it's one of Klairs's best seller items! 
Dislamer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purpose but all opinion was my own and 100% honest.

Price: 89.00 71.20@ Natta Cosme 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Review: Mario Badescu Anti Acne Serum & Whitening Mask

Hello loves!  Mama's back with another review and this time, it's from Mario Badescu! Mario Badescu has been my #1 favourite acne destroyer brand since ages ago. A matter of fact, way back in the earliest blogging day, I reviewed my first ever Mario Badescu product, Acne Repair Kit which you can read all about it (here). 

*I thought I've posted this on Thursday but didn't realize that it got sent to draft -.-*


Starting of with the first product, as soon as I read the word 'Anti Acne' I was completely sold since its other acne products are amazing. Plus, the reviews up on Luxola website gave me a much higher hope that this will be my next 'it' product. They said it's a 'magic' serum that prevents the acne from coming and slowly reduces the amount of your acne. 

Comes in an almost transparent-yellow, the serum is said to keep them breakouts at bay with just a thin layer. It's a salicylic acid based gel that doesn't feel sticky at all or make you look greasy. However, the gel is really thick but what got me surprised at first was that the serum absorbed into the skin fast. I don't need to let it set or whatever. 


Second item is a mask! You know I love masks ;) My skin is really sensitive and every time there's acne, the scar will stay on my face for a very long time so I thought now that I have an Anti- Acne Serum to keep the acne at bay, why not top it off with a whitening mask that could lighten up my scars, right? Uhuks. 

Not only its hydrating but it also evens out the skin tone while reducing/fading the appearance of the acne scars and sun discolouration to give fresh and youthful-looking skin. It contains no alpha hydroxy acids so it’s safe and gentle even on acne erupted or the most sensitive skin. The texture is liquidy but it dries fast. I suggest you work on smaller part of your face at a time with a thin layer of the mask.

Now the moment of truth! 
Anti-Acne Serum:
It absorbs fast into the skin that you don't need to wait for it to set and it doesn't leave any greasy-looking skin after. The texture is thick but just with a tiny drop, it spreads all over the skin so you don't need much and you'll save a lot! Now, how does it work on my skin? Well to be honest, I'm quite disappointed with it. It completely blacks out all my expectation. Instead of eliminating them acne, it actually causes more breakouts and more acne to appear. Why eh? Does it happens to you or is it just me? Cause I really want to like it :/ 

Whitening Mask:
During the first application, I didn't know that it dries fast so I applied a few drops here and there and working on one section at a time and when I tried to spread other sections, the mask already dried leaving my face with ugly dots all over HAHA. Though it could get messy since the mask is very liquidy. Now again, does it work? This time, it does! It lightens my skin bit by bit and I honestly notice a few scars disappearing. This one is definitely my fave! Been reaching out for this one more than my other masks. Love love love! 
Dislamer: This products were sent to me for reviewing purpose but all opinions were my own and 100% honest.

Where to get it? Just like the Acne Repair Kit, I bought it @ Luxola

Discount code: 15% of your first order @ Luxola with BLX-IZZAH

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