Monday, January 26, 2015

What went down at #PartyOfTheCenturyMY!

What's up loves!  
Last Friday was indeed, an awesome night. Probably the best party I have been to all my life. 
Everything about The Party of the Century was spectacular. 

Starting from the much deserved standing ovation, breathtaking red carpet that put the party on the same level as the International award like Grammy. I seriously felt like I wasn't attending local party but international level party instead. There were a lot of local and international artists arrived at the red carpet and partied with the rest of us, enjoying the night. 

Thanks to Sidney, me and my partner managed to score the golden pass which enabled us to enter and pass the bouncers up to the second floor or in other word, the VIP lounge. It was my first time experiencing something like that where the bouncers checked for the golden pass and only allow those with it to enter the second floor. I felt so special and glamorous :3

So from the top; Taboo (Black Eyed Peas), Paris Hilton!, 2AM, Him Law and Mark Vincent. I waited nearly an hour for them outside 'cause I know I wouldn't had the chance to be closed to them if I didn't do so. So I became a paparazzi for a bit :p And Paris shook my hands!!  All of them except Him Law (Btw, Idk that's the famous Him Law. If I did, I'd have taken better pictures of him) were performing that night. Taboo and Paris were spinning. Taboo killed the night tbh. He was incredible! Mark Vincent was unbelievable. His voice and vocal was beyond the whole world. 

Every single performances was incredible and beyond words. There's not a single performance that wasn't great. The lounging area was awesome and classy. The food and services were delicious and tiptop. The atmosphere was lively and havoc. Even the production and camera crew were awesome. Definitely a night to remember forever. The night shook hands with Paris Hilton and met Taboo. Mah God! Will upload the video once my wifi is stable. 

I forgot to tell you, the party was to celebrate the grand opening of Empire City, Damansara that's going to take over Damansara. The place is huge and utterly beautiful, high-class place. Congrats on the grand opening and thank you for throwing such an awesome party for us to have fun and live the life of a rich and famous for one night. And thanks Sidney for making it all happened for me. For inviting me. Glad and honoured to be a part of the #team50MY!

A night to remember, forever. 
A party that lead to awesome friendship. 
Weeks of working side by side with great and inspiring people. 
It was indeed, The Party of the Century. No doubt! 

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