Saturday, January 24, 2015

Review: Urban Decay Vice 3

Yay, eyeshadow palette! One of the things that I enjoy collecting. I don't usually follow the trend and collect every single palettes out there but I do love to collect the ones that I think worthy to be apart of my collection. Anyway, hello loves! ❤ Urban Decay is my favourite brand of eyeshadow as their eyeshadows are the bomb, pigmented, velvety and just drop dead gorgeous! The complete package! So much love 

Last year when the Vice 2 came out, I didn't have the desire to buy it as the colours were not my cup of tea and I don't see myself using it at all. I'm more of a neutral/earthy tone girl and most of the time, I would stay away from colours. But after seeing the Vice 3, there was something about it that made me wanted to "dip" in the colour world. And thanks to my guy for letting me dip in that world by treating me this :) 

This Limited Edition Vice 3 palette that I accidentally dropped and ruined some of the shades comes with 20 gorgeous, rich, velvety and exclusive shades. It is one of the ideal palettes for neutral lovers that wanted to start playing with colours but afraid as the colours are soft, easy to work with and not "in yo face" bright. And it can be worn everyday too. The shades are arranged in columns which are mattes, cool shades, rich shades, reds, and neutrals according to JenLike most of UD palettes, Vice 3 comes with a dual-ended brush. Loving the shader but not so much on the blending/crease brush. 

So what do you think? Pretty kan! I personally love the second last combo. It's sweet and romantic. Obsessed! 

The shades are beautiful, rich , indeed velvety and easy to wear. It looks beautiful on me even the reds. The packaging is funky and am digging the big mirror. The brush is OK, I'm just loving the shader part. HOWEVEEEEEEEER, the only thing I don't like about the palette is that the matte ones are a bit powdery. I dip in my brush and the shadow just go everywhere and less on the brush itself. 

This palette gives me the opportunity to experiment and explore with colours and at the same time, preparing me to be confident and comfortable to start playing with richer, brighter and bolder colours. If you are looking for some kind of "starter" palette for you to try and play with colours then maybe give this palette a try. Swatch it at your nearest Sephora and see for yourself. 

Price: RM200 @ Your nearest Sephora
Hurry, it's limited edition! 

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