Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Review: Too Faced Melted Kisses

Hello loves! I love me some melted lipsticks, I really do. They are wonderful and suit my personality. I like my lipsticks to be long wearing, stained, and look absolutely stunning which pretty much sums up the melted lipsticks. I often get compliments whenever I'm wearing Melted Fuchsia, which I have previously reviewed. You can read all about Melted Fuchsia, here

Forgot to mention that this was one of the Too Faced Holiday Collection that I bought from Sephora last month. Not so sure if they are still in stock though. I went to Sephora IOI earlier and they were all out. Oh, and I just knew that they're spelled as "Too" Faced not "Two" OMG my whole life :o (dramatic)

Anyway, this set came with four sample/deluxe (can't tell, lol) sized melted lipsticks in Melted Nude, Melted Peony, Melted Fuchsia and Melted Ruby. I kind of wish that they could have included some other colour in replacement of the Melted Fuchsia just 'cause I have one already but I love all of them regardless! I believe there are 10 melted lipsticks all together and might be more to come! Heard the news from Kak Puteri that the all 10 melted are now available at your nearest Sephora! There are; Melted Berry, Melted Candy, Melted Coral, Merry Fuchsia, Melted Ruby, Melted Voilet, Melted Peony, Melted Fig, Melted Marshmallow and Melted Nude. 

Results: Easy to apply and they shape your lips beautifully. You don't need a lip liner when using it. The colours are beautiful, pigmented and they just look beautiful on your lips. They are very long wearing (might stain) and doesn't feel sticky at all. And I'm still in love with the whole concept and just look at the size, so adorable!!

Would definitely recommend you to try at least one. They are indeed worth your money unless you're not into (tad bit) drying, stained-formula and the whole sponge applicator thing. But best believe that one tube could last you for a long time as it's really big and a little goes a long way with these. 

Price: RM69 for the LE holiday set (5ml each) // RM69 for 15ml (full size)

Just noticed that the sponge of my full-sized Melted Fuchsia clogged and only one 
hole is working. Any tips on how to fix/overcome/avoid it from happening? 

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