Monday, January 12, 2015

Review: Shizens Lip Tattoo

Hello loves! ❤ I love everything lips and Shizens is one of the brands that I have always wanted to try but never did. My blogger friends had tried and reviewed many products from Shizens that I have yet to try. So here it is, my very first product from Shizens that I got inside the beauty box. What beauty box? Read here. And lucky me, the first product being a lip product! First impression; what is this? Some kind of lip treatment? Lip gloss? Lip conditioner? Curious to know too? Well let's find out together! 

The packaging is top notch! It looks fancy. This lip tattoo is actually some kind of lipstick + lip gloss + lip treatment-like product to make it complicated for you LOL but to sum it up, it is a kind of product that turns your lips rosy or pinkish when you apply it. It is said to provide moisture, relieves the formation of fine lines and help to lighten dark pigmented lips. Oh, and did you know that this is one of the Star products from Shizens? 

It also reminds me of Lip Ice (my old time fav product that I used in Hjigh School) which is a lip balm that is also white and leaves a pinkish hue on your lips. But the Lip Tattoo doesn't make your lips look like you have dry skin hanging out on your lips if you know what I mean which you probably don't HAHA I'm so bad at explaining, never mind. The Lip Tattoo also gives you a glossy finish which I find attractive and the illusion of having natural pink lips. Appropriate for everyday use and for students to wear everyday.

Tbh, I was curious to know how long lasting the product is and since it sinks into the lips leaving it like a stain, it lasted pretty long on me. I even showered while wearing it and came out with pinkish lips LOL. I find it to be glossy and gives a more pinkish hue with a few coats.

Result: It sting-ed my lips during the first application but it was fine after that. Loving the concept and the packaging, making it looks as if I was slapping on some fancy thing on my lips. It doesn't make my lips feel dry or accentuate the fine lines. It is also buildable without overlaying each layer in a bad way but sinks into each layer naturally instead. And not to mention long lasting. But a separate lip balm would be handy as it lacks moisture in my opinion and also if you don't feel like layering another layer of the Lip Tattoo but still wants to keep that pink lips. 

Price: RM168 (8ml)

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