Monday, January 5, 2015

How I spent the last days of 2014

Hello loves! 2014 was a great year and I had so much fun. Of course, there were some downs but I'm glad I made it through. I'm grateful that I didn't lose any friends but made even more. 

My last semester for 2014 was really hard and stressful and it was unorganized so I was unable to do anything within the given time and yet, found the time to go on vacation with my friends right before my proposal's due date. Literally, during the last days. And I came back from the trip exactly the day before the due date but luckily, I finished and submitted it within the given time and straight away went celebrating with my friends that night but unfortunately, my car broke down in the middle of the road right in front of Setia City Mall. Bad day, I swear. But thankfully, it was minutes away from my house so my dad came to our rescue. 

On December 19th, I went to Perlis for my friend's engagement and I was also her MUA. It was my first time flying alone even just within Malaysia so you can guess how excited I was :p Her family was so friendly and I had such a great time hanging out with them.They even brought me to Thailand. Saw a lot of beauty products that we often see on instagram but with hella cheap prices. Went back home on December 22nd. I thought I was sitting beside a friendly person but she turned out to be a marketer from this one company and kept trying to get me into it and there I thought that I could maybe sleep inside the plane but I guess not. 

On December 23rd, I woke up very early and went dress hunting for the event that I went to later that night (more on that in a sec). I just went to Sincerely by Us at Alam Avenue and I found everything that I needed there and I was so happy with the clothes that I picked. Then, I went to Jusco Bukit Raja to find something for the Secret Santa and went straight home to get ready. The event that night was none other than, Butterfly Christmas Dinner Partaaay! It's an annual gathering for the butterflies to mingle and make more friends and just have fun and look back at all the memories and achievements that we have all made along the year. And in case you don't know, Butterfly Project is this awesome blogging community of awesome people with awesome vibes that I'm thankful to be apart of as they have helped me so much!

The event was held at The Apartment, Curve. I came with Jac (here) who is sweet btw. Upon arriving, we had to register ourselves first and we were given "My Name Is" stickers and a beauty box for review and then pick a seat and eat! We were served turkey that night and it was my first time trying out turkey. Yummy! I took a little bit of everything and everything was delicious. I was kind of sad that they didn't serve us the drink that they served us the last time 'cause I was obsessing over that drink for a while :p 

There were some entertainments and games and even contests! Everyone gathered at the tree and sang along to "Frozen" and we played a game where we were given random names like "Happiness", "Joy", etc and had to find other group members with the same name and had to come up with cool names for the team. I got happiness and our team's name is Happy Chrysalis! Then it's time to receive our presents from our respective secret santas. Everyone was busy either hiding from the person they gave the presents to or trying to find their santas after opening their presents. I got a really lovely present which I will show in another post. And I also won best photo on instagram (the picture of me showing off the food) that got me soooo excited till I smiled with my eyes all closed HAHA oh Izzah, whyy. I had so much fun, I met new people and the games/contests were entertaining and I'm just glad that I was a part of it this year. And like I mentioned, all of us were given a beauty box which I will review very soon so hang on tight for that. 

And that was pretty much how I spent the last days of 2014. From 23rd onwards I didn't do anything memorable and my special someone was on vacation and still is, so.. I spent the last day of 2014 at Sunway Pyramid shopping for a new phone (hint, apple) and that's pretty much it. 2014 was pretty average to me but it's still memorable and wonderful. And now, let's the new journey begins, Teacher Izzah! 

*Pictures courtesy of Butterfly Project and Kawi Studio* 

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