Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2015 Simple and Sweet Makeup Look

Hello loves! ❤ Since I am a teacher now, well, a trainee to be exact, I am told by my lecturers to wear minimal makeup to school to avoid drawing too much attention to myself by the permanent teachers as I am after all, just, a trainee teacher. Simple and sweet makeup look is the way to go and for me to rock to school. 

And today, I am going to show you a mini pictorial of how I do my makeup every morning now. It is very simple and sweet yet, it gives a very awaken and fresh look to my face. Not only that, I think the students will also appreciate a very fresh-looking teacher to teach them a little some some. By the way, if you want to know about my life as a trainee teacher, check out my dayre ( but for now, let's get on to the pictorial! P/s: The products are from the beauty box that I talked about (here). 

1. Prep your lips with Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop in Pink Shock
2. Apply your favourite foundation and set it with powder (very important since school is hot!)
3. Apply neutral shadows for a very natural look. 
4. Apply Dollywink eyeliner and create a quick & short wing. 
5. Add a pinky flush to your cheeks for that youthful, fresh and sweet look. 
6. Finish it off with Collection Hotlights Lipgloss for that extra shine. 

*Note that I didn't apply any mascara because it's going to be hot and I don't want any fallout*

Will be rocking this look till April! 
What do you think? 

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Monday, January 26, 2015

What went down at #PartyOfTheCenturyMY!

What's up loves!  
Last Friday was indeed, an awesome night. Probably the best party I have been to all my life. 
Everything about The Party of the Century was spectacular. 

Starting from the much deserved standing ovation, breathtaking red carpet that put the party on the same level as the International award like Grammy. I seriously felt like I wasn't attending local party but international level party instead. There were a lot of local and international artists arrived at the red carpet and partied with the rest of us, enjoying the night. 

Thanks to Sidney, me and my partner managed to score the golden pass which enabled us to enter and pass the bouncers up to the second floor or in other word, the VIP lounge. It was my first time experiencing something like that where the bouncers checked for the golden pass and only allow those with it to enter the second floor. I felt so special and glamorous :3

So from the top; Taboo (Black Eyed Peas), Paris Hilton!, 2AM, Him Law and Mark Vincent. I waited nearly an hour for them outside 'cause I know I wouldn't had the chance to be closed to them if I didn't do so. So I became a paparazzi for a bit :p And Paris shook my hands!!  All of them except Him Law (Btw, Idk that's the famous Him Law. If I did, I'd have taken better pictures of him) were performing that night. Taboo and Paris were spinning. Taboo killed the night tbh. He was incredible! Mark Vincent was unbelievable. His voice and vocal was beyond the whole world. 

Every single performances was incredible and beyond words. There's not a single performance that wasn't great. The lounging area was awesome and classy. The food and services were delicious and tiptop. The atmosphere was lively and havoc. Even the production and camera crew were awesome. Definitely a night to remember forever. The night shook hands with Paris Hilton and met Taboo. Mah God! Will upload the video once my wifi is stable. 

I forgot to tell you, the party was to celebrate the grand opening of Empire City, Damansara that's going to take over Damansara. The place is huge and utterly beautiful, high-class place. Congrats on the grand opening and thank you for throwing such an awesome party for us to have fun and live the life of a rich and famous for one night. And thanks Sidney for making it all happened for me. For inviting me. Glad and honoured to be a part of the #team50MY!

A night to remember, forever. 
A party that lead to awesome friendship. 
Weeks of working side by side with great and inspiring people. 
It was indeed, The Party of the Century. No doubt! 

More info:

#partyofthecenturyMY #potcMY #empirecity #team50MY

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Review: Urban Decay Vice 3

Yay, eyeshadow palette! One of the things that I enjoy collecting. I don't usually follow the trend and collect every single palettes out there but I do love to collect the ones that I think worthy to be apart of my collection. Anyway, hello loves! ❤ Urban Decay is my favourite brand of eyeshadow as their eyeshadows are the bomb, pigmented, velvety and just drop dead gorgeous! The complete package! So much love 

Last year when the Vice 2 came out, I didn't have the desire to buy it as the colours were not my cup of tea and I don't see myself using it at all. I'm more of a neutral/earthy tone girl and most of the time, I would stay away from colours. But after seeing the Vice 3, there was something about it that made me wanted to "dip" in the colour world. And thanks to my guy for letting me dip in that world by treating me this :) 

This Limited Edition Vice 3 palette that I accidentally dropped and ruined some of the shades comes with 20 gorgeous, rich, velvety and exclusive shades. It is one of the ideal palettes for neutral lovers that wanted to start playing with colours but afraid as the colours are soft, easy to work with and not "in yo face" bright. And it can be worn everyday too. The shades are arranged in columns which are mattes, cool shades, rich shades, reds, and neutrals according to JenLike most of UD palettes, Vice 3 comes with a dual-ended brush. Loving the shader but not so much on the blending/crease brush. 

So what do you think? Pretty kan! I personally love the second last combo. It's sweet and romantic. Obsessed! 

The shades are beautiful, rich , indeed velvety and easy to wear. It looks beautiful on me even the reds. The packaging is funky and am digging the big mirror. The brush is OK, I'm just loving the shader part. HOWEVEEEEEEEER, the only thing I don't like about the palette is that the matte ones are a bit powdery. I dip in my brush and the shadow just go everywhere and less on the brush itself. 

This palette gives me the opportunity to experiment and explore with colours and at the same time, preparing me to be confident and comfortable to start playing with richer, brighter and bolder colours. If you are looking for some kind of "starter" palette for you to try and play with colours then maybe give this palette a try. Swatch it at your nearest Sephora and see for yourself. 

Price: RM200 @ Your nearest Sephora
Hurry, it's limited edition! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Review: SKIN & LAB Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask

Hello loves! ❤ If you have been following my blog, you would have known by now that I really love facial mask but let's be real, who doesn't, right? Facial masks are the best. It keeps me fresh, calm and at ease. I love trying out different facial masks almost every two months and honestly, I keep finding better and better facial masks every time.

SKIN & LAB Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask is the mask that I have been trying for almost two months now. I'm so in love with it that I postponed my urge to try other facial masks LOL cray cray. But it is not a surprise. It has been a favourite of many beauty bloggers around the world. 

This facial mask will not only solve the causes of pores and excess sebum but will also purifies the skin in and out while minimizes the enlarged pores and firms up the sagging pore walls. The three main ingredients: Canadian Glacial Clay (3k mg), Oatmeal and Tea Tree Leaf will act together to treat against potential skin problem, goes deep into pores and eliminating surface debris as well as moisturizing. 

Apart from that, it also prevents the appearance of blackheads while leaving a cooling effect after which will give a relaxing feel. This facial mask uses the 3 Pore Care system: Clear (Pre cleansing which will eliminate excessive sebum and dead skin cells), Contract (Recovery phase which will contract existing pore and firms up the pore walls) and lastly, Care (Rejuvenating, nourishing and protecting the skin) 

This facial mask also treats acne problem and is in fact, recommended for acne-prone skin with lower hydration level, sagged or wide-open pores, blackheads/excessive sebum and for boosting the hydration. Just apply a generous amount all over the face and neck (avoiding eye area) and leave it for 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. 

Results: Though it stings during the first application every single time, it provides a cooling effect that calms my skin and makes me want to just, relax. It smooths out my skin after wash, making it look super clean and moist as though I'm using the peel-off blackhead mask only better because it doesn't hurt. And did I tell you that it's also hydrating? It didn't feel dry at all. 

And the best part of it that it gradually brightens up my skin, my dark spots and doesn't interfere with my inflammation at all. There wasn't any active breakout during my usage (and even now) so I couldn't tell about the acne part but it did prevent it alright ;) The only thing I dislike is that it smells like my cat's food LOL. Nonetheless, I'm really enjoying this facial mask and grateful that I finally got to try it and will definitely repurchase. Recommend. 

Price: RM71 at Natta Cosme

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Turn down for what? The Party of the Century!

Ay yo, listen up! The greatest party of 2015 'bout to hit the spotlight! 
Can you say "Heyyy Hooo" 

 Brought to you by Empire City
Aimed to be the ultimate spot for meeting, dining, shopping and relaxing, all within a self-contained city that balances business with leisure; “Empire City is a major project for us as well as for the entire Klang Valley. The 2.5 million square feet of net lettable retail area, 8 corporate towers and office suites, 3 international 5+ star and 5 star hotels and a cinema themed hotel are built around the 5 pillars that are at the core of Empire City; Design, Art, Music, Performance and Culture" commented Mark Farquhar, Director of Leasing for Empire City. Empire City, Damansara Perdana is holding an exclusive star-studded preview of the City of Lifestyle & Entertainment.

Watch the magical night comes to life with special performances by flamboyant speed painters, the traditional with 
a twist in the form of an LED dragon dance and not to forget, the artists that will get you uber excited; 

But that's not all! 
Expect other amazing and well-known guests at the party too! 
Can't wait to attend it with other bloggers!

A first for a Malaysian project, The Party of the Century will be attended by VIPs and invited guests from all over the globe. The magical night will be happening on 23rd of January 2015 with its ‘Glamourous 20’s’ theme looks to set a high standard for all others in 2015.

Are you ready to party? 'cause i am!
#‎partyofthecenturyMY‬ ‪#‎EmpireCityMY‬

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