Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Review: Seri Emas Facial Soap

Hello loves! ❤ I have two cleansers that I've been loving and going to share with all of you. The first cleanser is the Seri Emas Facial Soap. I'm not really into facial soap though but this facial soap claims that it could treat sinus problem as fast as 1 day and I want to experience that. I have occasional sinus problem. It's not that bad but I still want to reduce it. 

Seri Emas Facial Soap is a handmade soap made with 50% honey and other combination of natural herbs which are coconut oil, turmeric, pomegranate extract, mimusops elengi and cinnamon. 100% halal and safe to use even for pregnant ladies. 

Other than helping with the sinus problem, it also helps in reducing scars and acne. It does have a significant smell but I have no problem with it. It doesn't bother me at all. I cut one tiny piece off and kept it in a small container. 


  • It doesn't dry out my skin yet it cleansed my face well. 
  • It lightened my scars quite a bit.
  • I sneezed right after I cleansed my face with it for the first time LOL 
  • However, I did notice that my sneezing was reduced by 15% which was quite impressed! 

  • Price: RM60 (WM) & RM65 (EM)


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