Friday, November 7, 2014

#Makeuptips101: 3 eyeliner looks!

Hello loves! ❤ It's been awhile since I last did these kind of post. For a special comeback, I'm bringing you, three [3] eyeliner looks for women! Us, women/girls love looking pretty every time we step out of the house and makeup really helps us to get through the day. I feel uncomfortable leaving house without makeup. However, we know that our eyes play a huge role in bringing out our beauty in front of others. The easiest way we can bring out the sparkle of our eyes is by applying eyeliner.

There are 3 types of eyeliner looks which us women can try to fit our own individual style.

The first eyeliner look is by going simple by applying only a slight hint of black line on the eyelid. We can wear this eyeliner style anywhere we go as it gives an innocent yet natural look. I love rocking this look to class as it's simple and quick. However, we could also apply this style on a casual day out during the weekends and still look amazing! 

The second eyeliner look is the sexy cat eye look, woot my fav! For those who want to swift away from the natural straight eyeliner look should definitely give this cat eye look a try. The cat eyeliner look is drawn on your eyelid with a slight twitch at the end giving you that sexy sophisticated look. We can stun everyone around us with this sexy eyeliner look at work or even at dinner parties looking elegant as ever ;) The best thing about a cat eyeliner look is that we can apply it during the day or even at night without looking ridiculous! 

However, for those who want to spice their eyes with a more fascinating dazzle can opt trying the Smokey eye look. One of the celebrities that are often seen to apply this kind of eyeliner look is the fun Avril Lavigne who had been rocking the smokey eyeliner look since her early teenage years. The Smokey eyeliner look is done by applying the eyeliner on not only on the top eyelid but also the bottom of your eye. Circle it around the shape of your eye to get that dramatic sexy appearance. This look will be great to try when you have a date night out with a special someone or to a grand event! 

Interested to try these 3 looks with new eyeliners? Check out ZALORA for a wide range of eyeliner choices from various brands online!

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