Friday, October 24, 2014

Review: BeautyOat - Collagen + Oat Drink

Hello loves! Breakfast is something that I don't get to take everyday. I always start my day with a power (by power I mean fattening) lunch. Not because I'm not a morning person (which I'm actually not) but because I don't have the time. I'm always on the rush to class every morning, like the word "breakfast" never existed in my dictionary. But ever since I was introduced to BeautyOat, my day everyday became somewhat meaningful. 

Collagen + Oat Drink. What? I know right, ever heard of that? BeautyOat is the first Collagen Plus+ Oat Drink in Malaysia. The best of both worlds right there. It contains Oats, Marine Collagen, Sakura Extract and Pomegranate Extract. All of these have been proven to prevent early aging, minimize free-radical damage to body and also soothe skin inflammation. It's a good source of nutrients that contains 100% natural and halal ingredients that not just keeps your body healthy but also keeps your skin glowing and clear. 

'Rejuvenate your skin in just 14 days' is what it claims. A collagen + oat drink that provides nutritional meal supplement such as soluble fiber which allows you to attain the look and feel that you desire. BeautyOat promotes firmness, elasticity and even skin tone. It reduces cholesterol, fine lines, pigmentation as well as visible pores. It also improves our immune system, skin texture, tissue repair and boost energy. Best part is, it also prevents heart disease and overweight.

How to drink it? Pour a sachet of BeautyOat into your favourite class and pour in 180ml of warm water. Warm ok. Not hot. Hot water will kill the good nutrients in it. Stir it and your breakfast is served! The perfect way to kick start your day and to wind down before bed. It's easy, quick and delicious. By far the best collagen drink I've tried. Mainly because of the oat. I took it as "already had breakfast" every time I took it. Certainly not one of those collagen drinks where you need to take another "breakfast" after consuming it. With BeautyOat, you just mix it with warm water and you're good to go! Plus, it's delish!

Results: The first thing I noticed was that I became more energized in the morning. No longer a sleepy head in class. It also helped me sleep better at night too when I felt like drinking it before bed. I drank it during my Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment (here) healing process and it does helped in soothing my skin, heal my skin faster as well as making it looked moist. In terms of weight control, I can't really say as I'm consuming pills that have plumping as one of the side effects. 

Nonetheless, I enjoyed drinking it and like I said earlier, it's by far the best collagen drink I've tried. Though the drink tasted a bit bland, the oat was delicious. And all together it made it tasteful. Would I continue drinking it? You bet. It's the perfect boost I needed in the morning. Would totally purchase it in the near future. 

Price: RM79.00 (WM) & RM89.00 (EM) - A box: 18 sachets/30gm


More info:
012-2444014 (Nurul)
012-2444041 (Jane)

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