Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lipstick Collection!

Hello loves! ❤ Lipstick. When we talk about lipstick, I could go bananas. I'm super obsessed with lipsticks and I love collecting them as well. I kept on postponing buying anything else 'cause of my obsession toward lipsticks. Crazy. Being a makeup addict is definitely a disease. 

The picture above was taken earlier this year and if you have the Robinson's Makeup Drawer, I had all my lipsticks on the top drawer. But now my lipsticks have moved to the bottom drawer where it's double the size and get this, it's freaking full right now. Can't fit anymore. Imma take it as a sign to stop buying lipstick and start saving for a new phone. Anyway, enjoy the video! :) 

p/s: I'm not in any way bragging or showing off. I'm not loaded either. It's just that when you really love (doing) something, you would sacrifice and go the extra mile for it. I would rather spend on makeup and skincare rather than clothing or branded hijab. 

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