Saturday, October 11, 2014

CO2 Laser Treatment and Stem Cell @ Clinic Medi-i + Giveaway!!

Hello loves! ❤ Last month I underwent CO2 Laser Treament and Stem Cell at Clinic Medi-i in Subang Permai. I was given two choices between a gentle peel and the laser treatment and obviously I chose the laser treatment since my acne and acne scars are quite severe and inflamed. I will go through each and every process I went with you guys as well as the pictures of the pre and post. And stay tuned till the end 'cause you might just be the lucky [2] to try the laser treatment yourself! :) 

The Clinic is situated at Pusat Perdagangan Subang Permai near Monterez Golf Club and Subang Airport. The place is clean and I like the fact that there is a child corner, adorable. Dr Lim and his staffs welcomed me with warm smiles and they're super nice. They treated me well too. They even called to check up on me about my progresses. 

STEP 1: Like any other clinics, the first step is the consultation. Dr Lim explained further about the two treatments and also encouraged me to go with the laser treatment as it's more suitable for my skin condition. He also offered me the Stem Cell Therapy a.k.a Vampire lift like the one Kim K undergo. 

CO2 Laser Treatment is commonly used to treat wrinkles, age spots, acne scars and evening out skin tone. It removes the unhealthy skin. The downsides of it is that the healing process will take up about 3-5 days. It will leave a grid-like pattern/texture (adjustable) and sunburn-like. 

The Stem Cell Therapy on the other hand helps to refresh, rejuvenates the skin and making your skin smoother and younger-looking. Uses our own blood, about 20cc and take out the stem cells and put it back into our skin. The two treatments together will make the healing much faster and provides even better result. 

STEP 2: (a week after consultation) After cleansing the face and removing everything, the numbing cream was placed all over my face for 30-45 minutes. While waiting, Dr Lim took out my blood. After about 30 minutes, the numbing cream was scrape off and replaced with another thick layer. I was quite amused by the numbness of my face. It felt strange but in a good way. 

STEP 3: After almost an hour, it's time for the laser and stem cell! To tell the truth, I was scared as it was my first time and I know it was going to be a painful experience. Luckily, Dr Lim kept me distracted by talking to me and asking questions throughout the process. 

Before the laser, the stem cell was inserted first into both of my cheeks then into my forehead, chin and also a few of my acne and scars. At that point I felt like Dr Lim left the needles just poking around my face. It felt like it was in my skin and had never been taken out LOL. 

Then proceed to the laser treatment. My eyes were covered so that I wouldn't get blind. But thanks to Dr Lim's lovely assistants for helping me to take the pictures. From the scale 1-10 and 10 being super duper painful, the laser treatment was between 6-7. Think you guys can endure it? ;)

STEP 4: As you know, laser uses heat so your face will be burning and you will feel heating sensation so Dr Lim put on cooling mask for 15 minutes to help cool down my skin. Then moisturizer and a scar pad to help the healing even more faster. I was also given a skincare set to take home and precaution tips, thank you! 

During the 1st day

As the day passes, the scar/sunburn got lighter and lighter each day. During the first day my face felt like a cupboard but it went away after the 3rd day. My skin texture got smoother and guess what, no blackheads and whiteheads around the nose! Amazing. It felt smooth, soft and firm. My skin started to flake on the 3rd day especially around the chin and it lasted for awhile. The redness was reduced and there was no active acne during the healing process! Amazing 2.0. Even my friends noticed the changes in my skin; scars getting lighter. So happy when I heard that. My skin took almost 5 days to fully recover which was nice. There was no irritation whatsoever but there was a slight itch when wearing the scar pad every now and then and my lips were kind of dry but other than that, I'm so happy with the result!! 

Clinic Medi-i is nice enough to give [2] of my beloved followers to experience the same thing as I did for free. 
All you have to do is fill in the form and tell me why you want to be the lucky [2] to try out this treatment!! 

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[2] winners will be chosen based on the best answers in a week! 
Good luck and thank you for entering! 

More info:
Clinic Medi-i
7, Jalan Alfa U6/F,
Pusat Perdagangan Subang Permai,
40150 Shah Alam.

Tel: 03-7840 0405
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