Saturday, September 6, 2014

Gradient Orange Nails x Rainbow Cameo

Hello loves! ❤ Following the collaboration project I posted previously (here), I mentioned I'll be doing a look this week, so TADAAAA! Was thinking of doing an inspired makeup look based on the orange colour but I always do makeup-related stuff kan so I decided to change it up a bit hehe. Plus, I never buat a nail tutorial so if you're interested to learn how to do a gradient orange nails then keep on reading! Just a few simple steps hihi. 

1x light orange nail polish (Elianto - A15 Sweet Girl)
1x slightly darker orange nail polish (Elianto - A17 Tangy Orange)
1x top coat (Sally Hansen Mega Shine)
1x cosmetic sponge (SaSa)

Tips: Choose colours that are close to each other so that it blends in nicely. You can also add a much lighter orange for a triple gradient effect. 

Start with clean unpolished nails. Sorry that my nails are so long and ugly. They are nice and short now teehee.

Then paint your nails with A15 Sweet Girl from Elianto (lighter orange). I love Elianto's nail polishes. 
Wide colour selection (they even have cracked!), of good quality and not to mention, cheap!

While waiting for the colours to dry, take the cosmetic sponge and paint the upper part with the lightest orange (A15 Sweet Girl) and 
right below that, paint it with the slightly darker orange (A17 Tangy Orange). The width of it depends on the size of your nails. 

Then dab the sponge ever so lightly at the tip of your nails. Blend the two colours together by dabbing it lightly a few times till you're 
satisfied with the gradient produced. Don't be afraid to get messy with this step 'cause you can clean the edges with a Q-tip or a small brush!

Now you can either wait till the nails are dry or you can straight away coat the nails with 
a top coat to smooth out the texture as well as making it long lasting and shiny! 

Next step is to clean the edges of your nails or wherever that are messy with a Q-tip wet with your favourite nail polish remover and carefully clean off the mess. Make sure the Q-tip is not too wet otherwise you will accidentally rub off your beautiful gradient orange nails! 

Your gradient orange nails are done! Simple and quick! Very easy for beginners hehe. If you're up for the challenge, add in the third colour! 
How? Same steps but paint your nails with the lightest colour and paint the sponge with the other two colours! 

And that's my orange coloured theme look for the Rainbow Cameo Collaboration Project! 
But wait? If I'm doing Orange, who is doing Red? Click (here) to find out! xx
Also, keep on the look out for the other colours coming your way next week! Truly, you don't want to miss it! 
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