Monday, September 1, 2014

Collaboration Project: Rainbow Cameo!

Hello loves! ❤ I have an exciting news to share with you guys today! I've been invited by my fellow blogger friend, 
Syaza of Bloobsblurbs (check her out, she's awesome!) to join her awesome project along with other amazing bloggers.

R a i n b o w   C a m e o

Basically, having the rainbow as our theme, each of us are going to be create a look (makeup, outfit, etc - beauty related) 
based / inspired by our respective colours. The colours you will be expecting are: 

Red  .  Orange  .  Yellow  .  Green  .  Blue  .  Indigo  .  Violet  .  Rainbow 

Here are the sequence of the colours and when they are going to be up:
Week 1: Introductory post (this one), Red, Orange.
Week 2: Yellow, Green.   
Week 3: Blue, Indigo
Week 4: Violet, Rainbow, Closing post. 

Eager to know which blogger is doing which colour? Syaza will keep you updated on that since I don't have my 
own facebook page and my twitter posts are mostly personal so make sure to follow her closely! Like her page here

Expect Red and Orange inspired look for this week! Follow Syaza if you wanna be updated! 
P/s: My (blank) colour inspired look will be up this week :p

S T A Y   T U N E D 
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