Monday, September 22, 2014

Event: Goodal Skincare

Hello loves! ❤ Last month I was invited to the Goodal Official Launch at Neway, One Utama all thanks to one of my favourite online cosmetic website, HiShop Malaysia! Now honestly, have you ever heard of Goodal before? Me neither! But there's nothing I love better than discovering new beauty brands! So Goodal, welcome to my life! hehe. Now, let's all get to know Goodal a little better!

Event started with the official launch ceremony before the slide presentation by Ms Jace Tan, Director of In2face Sdn Bhd, Ms Caryn Loh, General Manager-Trading of Watson's Personal Care Stores and Ms Song Yeon-bi, Make-up Artist and Chief Instructor of Clio Cosmetics from Korea. 

Then on to the presentation of the brand and their whole range of products as well as product demonstration by Ms Song Yeon-bi. She spoke in Korean which was really cute and fascinating to hear in person and little miss cutie beside her translated it for us. 

About Goodal:
A Korean brand that has just arrived in Malaysia about a few months ago. Goodal is a combination of "Good" and "All". It focuses on natural ingredients which are divided into two ranges: Phyto Power or Energy (Energy from wild plants) and Fermented Phyto (Intensive nutrition from natural fermented oils). These two ranges have four lines of products: Phyto line, Plus line, Mask pack line and Cleansing line. 

The Wild Phyto range uses wild plants in it production utilising all natural ingredients without any chemicals and its suitable for daily use on all skin types. And the Fermented Oil range uses a new fermenting technology that extracts the fermented oils which are water soluble making it easy for absorption giving high effective penetration rate to the skin. It leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh and moisturized without the greasy feeling. 

These were the products featured that day: Moisture Care (Phytorain), Brightening Care (Phytoshine), Face masks and newly launched products! 

The range made with Acaiberry's the Brightening Care range while the other one's the Moisture Care range. Both ranges have their own toners, moisturizers, Gel Creams and Emulsions. The back one's the face wash that's made for all ranges and Phytowash Bubble Peeling aka exfoliante. 

These two products in front were the main attraction of the event. A newly launched products from Goodal featuring their latest technology using raw seed fermentation with red yeast. The "Shake and Spray" Mist is their best selling item but both of them are made from 7 ingredients: Jojoba oil, Argan oil, Olive oil, Camellia oil, Macadamia oil, Green tea seed oil and Sunflower seed oil for maximum hydration! 

The 3 in 1 toner, serum and essential oil Oil Plus Skin Plus will keep your skin hydrated while brighten and clear your face up while the Silky Plus Soothing Gel Cream soothes your skin (suitable for those with sensitive skin like me) while also keeping it moisturized. Both of the products are non-irritant and doesn't leave your skin feeling oily/greasy at all. 

AvailabilitySelected Watson's 
Hishop Malaysia (Coupon 10%: IZZAHF)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Monthly favourites: AUGUST 2014

Hello loves! ❤ It's the time of the month again! No, not my period, no. Monthly favourites! hehe. 
You will see a lot of familiar stuff. They're the best, can't keep them away hihi. 

1. Tarte Rainforest After Dark Colored Clay Palette | RM119
My favourite's not the whole palette but the blusher (Unleashed) in particular. Other people may use M.A.C Melba when they don't know what blusher to use but for me, Unleashed is my "Melba". It works perfect with every looks I created. Love it! 

2. Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion | RM150
The best BB Cushion ever. Now I rarely wear foundation because of this. It's lightweight, provides awesome coverage and heatproof and sweat-proof! And did I mention it stays put like a charm even on hot sweaty day? 

3. Elianto Nail Polish in A05 Le Fresh & A18 Nude | RM8
Featured it on my Instagram (@izzahhahiraf_) awhile back and I just can't get over of how gorgeous these two combination are. Can't wait for my next period to wear them again hehe. 

4. Egyptian Magic Cream, 59ml | RM125
Ever since I got it, I won't let it out of my side. I bring it with me everywhere I go. It's just so convenient to have it around as it has so many benefits for the skin. And as I called it, my first aid kit cream. Review here

5. Snail White | RM N/A
A product I haven't talked about, ever. Been using it for a month and a half and seriously, where have you been all my life?! Expect a full review soon! 

6. Two Faced Melted Lipstick in Fuchsia | RM69
One of the most stunning pink lipstick I own. Love the formulation and that its stays on for a very long time without drying out your lips. Wish to collect all hehe. And love the applicator and the packaging! Review here

7. Yadah Oh My Sunblock | RM49
My #1 favourite sunblock ever next to the Cremorlab one. It's non-sticky, non-greasy and doesn't make you feel uncomfortable or anything. Very gentle to my skin even on my worst easily irritated, super duper sensitive skin day. 

And that's all my favourites for last month. Have you guys tried any of it? :) 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Gradient Orange Nails x Rainbow Cameo

Hello loves! ❤ Following the collaboration project I posted previously (here), I mentioned I'll be doing a look this week, so TADAAAA! Was thinking of doing an inspired makeup look based on the orange colour but I always do makeup-related stuff kan so I decided to change it up a bit hehe. Plus, I never buat a nail tutorial so if you're interested to learn how to do a gradient orange nails then keep on reading! Just a few simple steps hihi. 

1x light orange nail polish (Elianto - A15 Sweet Girl)
1x slightly darker orange nail polish (Elianto - A17 Tangy Orange)
1x top coat (Sally Hansen Mega Shine)
1x cosmetic sponge (SaSa)

Tips: Choose colours that are close to each other so that it blends in nicely. You can also add a much lighter orange for a triple gradient effect. 

Start with clean unpolished nails. Sorry that my nails are so long and ugly. They are nice and short now teehee.

Then paint your nails with A15 Sweet Girl from Elianto (lighter orange). I love Elianto's nail polishes. 
Wide colour selection (they even have cracked!), of good quality and not to mention, cheap!

While waiting for the colours to dry, take the cosmetic sponge and paint the upper part with the lightest orange (A15 Sweet Girl) and 
right below that, paint it with the slightly darker orange (A17 Tangy Orange). The width of it depends on the size of your nails. 

Then dab the sponge ever so lightly at the tip of your nails. Blend the two colours together by dabbing it lightly a few times till you're 
satisfied with the gradient produced. Don't be afraid to get messy with this step 'cause you can clean the edges with a Q-tip or a small brush!

Now you can either wait till the nails are dry or you can straight away coat the nails with 
a top coat to smooth out the texture as well as making it long lasting and shiny! 

Next step is to clean the edges of your nails or wherever that are messy with a Q-tip wet with your favourite nail polish remover and carefully clean off the mess. Make sure the Q-tip is not too wet otherwise you will accidentally rub off your beautiful gradient orange nails! 

Your gradient orange nails are done! Simple and quick! Very easy for beginners hehe. If you're up for the challenge, add in the third colour! 
How? Same steps but paint your nails with the lightest colour and paint the sponge with the other two colours! 

And that's my orange coloured theme look for the Rainbow Cameo Collaboration Project! 
But wait? If I'm doing Orange, who is doing Red? Click (here) to find out! xx
Also, keep on the look out for the other colours coming your way next week! Truly, you don't want to miss it! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Review: Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes Volum' Express Mascara

Hello loves!  For someone with such small eyes and such short lashes that grow straight down, mascaras are my best friend followed by fake lashes but I don't wear them in public just during very special event. And believe me, finding the right mascara that could provide me the highest satisfaction is rather difficult considering the budget that I have put aside for mascaras; not more than RM50! could only get me so far. But for years now, I have always have my faith in Maybelline's mascaras. I have tried most of them and one of them has become my favourite!

Newest mascara by Maybelline; The Falsies Big Eyes Volum' Express! just hit our stores. What's cool about it is that it's the first mascara here by Maybelline that's dual ended. No need to bring 2 mascaras specifically for your lower and upper lashes anywhere you go like I always do LOL. 

I'm going to compare the mascara with its older sister, The Falsies Volum' Express. The original one. And yes, you guessed it! This is my favourite one. Used to love the Cat Eyes one but it doesn't seem impressive now after I have tried The Falsies. Now let the showdown begins!

Starting with the wands, The Falsies Big Eyes has two wands. The upper wand is medium-sized and doesn't have any significant shape compared to The Falsies which has a big and curvy wand but it's difficult to coat the lower lashes because of the wand and I often accidentally smudges my lower eyes because of the big wand. Lucky for us with such short lashes, The Falsies Big Eyes lower wand is a perfect fit for us! 

Guess which eye has The Falsies Big Eyes
The correct answer would be RIGHT! Why? If you look closely, you can see that the right eye has more volume and length and it makes them thicker as if you have many lashes. But The Falsies (left) does separates the lashes better and curls up the lashes compared to The Falsies Big Eyes. My lower lashes are much longer and blacker and with the lower wand, I can coat the outer lashes at ease without smudging it underneath unlike The Falsies, I accidentally smudged it a bit underneath there. Totally tak sengaja but it happens a lot :o  

The Falsies Big Eyes gives more volume and length. Plus, the lower wand gives me the illusion of having looong lower lashes - something I have always wanted. The formulation of The Falsies Big Eyes is a bit dry takut kering cepat but in a way, it does help in reducing the "accidental" smudge underneath the eyes. It gives the blackest tint to your lashes and it makes them look fat. Two-three coats is enough otherwise it will look clumpy. Doesn't separate the lashes well enough and doesn't curl it up (curler is a must!) unlike The Falsies

Overall: I really love The Falsies that's like my ultimate favourite but I got to give it to The Falsies Big Eyes for its lower wand! For the upper lash I would seriously combine them both together for maximum curl, length, volume and blackest tint. But it's still a great mascara on its own just don't forget to curl them first and avoid coating too much. But I really love how my lower lashes look when wearing them and I would recommend those who struggles in finding the right mascara for the lower lashes to try this. 
Disclaimer: Item was sent for reviewing purpose but all opinions were my own and 100% honest. I mean, I seriously loveeeeee the lower wand!

Price: RM45.90 @ All participating pharmacies. 


Monday, September 1, 2014

Collaboration Project: Rainbow Cameo!

Hello loves! ❤ I have an exciting news to share with you guys today! I've been invited by my fellow blogger friend, 
Syaza of Bloobsblurbs (check her out, she's awesome!) to join her awesome project along with other amazing bloggers.

R a i n b o w   C a m e o

Basically, having the rainbow as our theme, each of us are going to be create a look (makeup, outfit, etc - beauty related) 
based / inspired by our respective colours. The colours you will be expecting are: 

Red  .  Orange  .  Yellow  .  Green  .  Blue  .  Indigo  .  Violet  .  Rainbow 

Here are the sequence of the colours and when they are going to be up:
Week 1: Introductory post (this one), Red, Orange.
Week 2: Yellow, Green.   
Week 3: Blue, Indigo
Week 4: Violet, Rainbow, Closing post. 

Eager to know which blogger is doing which colour? Syaza will keep you updated on that since I don't have my 
own facebook page and my twitter posts are mostly personal so make sure to follow her closely! Like her page here

Expect Red and Orange inspired look for this week! Follow Syaza if you wanna be updated! 
P/s: My (blank) colour inspired look will be up this week :p

S T A Y   T U N E D 

Giveaway: TruDtox Detox Tea!

Hello loves! ❤ Last time I reviewed an amazing detox tea (read here!) that has a lot of benefits to our body and claimed to 
work gently on our body. Its very mild so its safe to drink regularly or when needed. I love to drink this when I had a little to
 much to eat. It eliminates the bloating and the uneasiness feeling on your stomach and it just makes you feel good the next day! 

Thanks to TruDtox, now my beloved readers can experience this amazing detox tea yourself! 
I'm giving away [20] sachets of TruDtox Tea to 20 readers! 
along with some shopping vouchers to shop at Plincco

All you need to do is fill in the form attached below. As simple as that! Tell your friends to join too to experience this amazing tea!! 

Thank you so much for joining! Remember the fill in the form :)
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