Monday, August 11, 2014

Review: Two Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Fuchsia

Hello loves! ❤ Guess what is my favourite makeup product? That's right, lipstick!!!!! Speaking of lipstick, I know I have yet to post my lipstick collection video. I filmed one a few months ago but since then, my collection has grown a lot bigger so I'm currently rethinking whether or not I should just release the old one or make a new one. Probably a new one but we will see. 

Getting back to the topic, this is my new lipstick obsession! Bought it during the Cremorlab Event (click here) with the help of Ashley Yeen which btw if you haven't know/follow her yet, you definitely should! Love her reviews! Bumped into her at Sephora and she helped me picked the colour. She even modeled for me too by putting the other colours on her lips and recommending me a few other great products which I now regret for not buying it. I only bought one of this Melted lipstick 'cause I wasn't sure if its really thaaaat good and now, I just can't wait to collect them all! 

The NEW Two Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick is a combination of a lipstick, lip gloss and also, lip stain. Totally the dream! A very long lasting, pigmented and creamy lip product that has a glossy and matte finish (if you get what I'm trying to say). The box says that it uses exclusive technology to keep cauldrons of molten lipsticks liquid and creamy. It comfortably coats lips in bursts of intense colour that lasts for hours! It comes in six (6) colours: Nude, Peony, Coral, Violet, Ruby and Fuchsia (the one I'm reviewing, Intense/Hot pink).

Comes in a tube that carries 0.40 fl. oz worth of amazing lip product. It doesn't require any brush and you don't need to fix it or spread it out with your fingers. The Melted lipstick is built with an innovative, angled velvet tip that's uber soft and gentle for precise application. Just squeeze out the product like so and spread it all across your lips either gently or just go crazy. You can never go wrong with it. But keep in mind that little goes a long way. Squeeze out a little among first and built it up later 'cause the colour is super intense so you got to be careful especially with other colours. And believe me when I say it will last for the whole day. You can eat, drink, whatever and the lipstick will still look great!

Likes: The applicator is really easy to use, it distributes the product evenly and smoothly. No lip liner or brush is required and I really like the squeeze out tube. Something different and really cute. Its really pigmented, lasts almost all day and just stay put on your lips. You can eat, drink and there will still be a colour on your lips. It feels so light and non-sticky which I love and it just look nice on my lips! Super love this colour 

Dislike: Nah-thang! 

Overall: Can't wait to collect them all! Though they are super saturated, bright and intense and some colours may not suit me or everybody, but the thought of having all of them in my collection just makes me happy hehe will collect one by one slowly. My next target is Ruby (bright red!). Ya'll should really try this lipstick out! 

Price: RM69.00 (0.40 fl. oz) @ All Sephora Stores. 


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