Saturday, August 16, 2014

Review: MAC x Kelly Osbourne Morning Mister Magpie Brow Duo (Part 2)

Hello loves! ❤ Continuing to Part 2 which is the Kelly Osbourne Morning Mister Magpie Brow Duo! I reviewed the Sharon Osbourne Duchess Eyeshadow Quad before (click here) which is fyi, my favourite eyeshadow quad at the moment! Can't stop using it! And guess another thing that I can't stop using? This brow duo! I love using brow powder(s) over any brow products just 'cause it gives me the most natural finish ever. Previously I used the Essense brow powder but it got melted with my old makeup bag so.. And luckily, I bought this brow duo just in time to replace that beloved and uber cheap brow powder that I loved so much. 

"A perfect pairing of complementary colours in Soba and Brun – two satin finishes that blend beautifully on brows to match 
range of blonde to brunette shades. Limited-edition packaging in Kelly’s light violet with red signature." According to MAC. 

Left: Soba - Soft Taupe (Permanent). Right: Brun - Dark Brown (Permanent)

I mixed up! HAHA. The "Soba" is actually Brun and the "Brun" is actually Soba hehe oopsy!
I use Soba on the inner part of my brows and Brun on the outer parts. 

Likes: Compact and travel-friendly, long lasting, matches my brow colour really well and doesn't look harsh at all and you can build up the colour according to your likings. 

Dislikes: Super expensive for a brow duo. Felt like a tad bit waste of money. 

Overall: I kind of like it I mean its alright but its not something that I would repurchase just 'cause the price is ridiculous for a brow duo but I would rather repurchase the Essence one which costs not more than RM15 and its very similar too except the MAC one lasts a bit longer. 

Price: RM104 @ All MAC Stores. 


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