Saturday, July 12, 2014

[CLOSED] GIVEAWAY: Win NYX Nude On Nude Eyeshadow Palette!!!!!!!! (Open for Malaysian only)

Hello loves! ❤ Finally, my very own giveaway sponsored by myself, weeee! Been wanting to do one for a very long time but been waiting for the right time. I wanted to do a giveaway in conjunction of my beauty blog turning one and I have always wanted to change my domain name since forever but been contemplating on whether or not I should buy one or wait a little longer and whatnot. So finally, I came up with the idea of combining the two together to create one small giveaway requiring my beloved readers to choose my new domain name for me. Plus, Aidilfitri is just around the corner so I thought it would be the perfect time to do a giveaway now and ship the prizes just in time for you guys to use it for Aidilfitri. Oh, did I mention that I will be giving away makeups? 
Yes, M A K E U P S! 
This giveaway will be open for 10 days only. I really want to make it short so that I can ship it fast for you guys. So make sure you enter! And read all the instructions carefully and make sure that you have fulfilled all the criteria that I have listed. Open for Malaysian only. Good luck!

Want to win yourself a *brand new* Nyx Nude on Nude eyeshadow palette? Here are the instructions: 

I will be listing four (4) domain names for you guys and reasons why I chose them under each name. 
All you guys have to do is pick whichever domain name (just one!) that you like as my new domain name and why. 
Simple right? But the sort of tricky part is that you have to be creative with your answers because..
the best answer wins! 
And your preferred domain name will be my new domain name!

The list of the four domain names that are available for you to choose:

The reason why I wanted this as my domain name because this is my real name. I wanted to be known as who I am. I wanted to be original. I wanted something to represent my true self and nothing says it better than having it as my domain name. 

The longer version why I chose this name is in the video but they short version is that both my twitter and instagram name is "izzahhahiraf_" so I figured, why not? Plus, its still my real name but with a twist at the end so that's pretty kewl. 

Again, the longer version would be in the video. This was my "myspace" name throughout myspace age and towards the end of its era. I was known as "Farr". I have always loved the name "farrilora" and I think its pretty unique being known as something different on the internet world. Plus, my email is so it would be pretty easy for people to remember and its just easier for everything. 

I know I was contemplating between "makeupfakeup" and "makeupanonymous" in the video but turns out someone already took it. After hours of coming up with other names, I finally decided on "hippozawr". Hippo because I look like a hippo. Zawr because well, its my name LOL. I think its also pretty unique and in a way describe who I am. Sort of straightforward and its actually really funny to pronounce :p 

Based on all four domain names that I have listed, just choose one and tell me why. 
Use your own words and be creative while giving me your answer. And go crazy with it! Doesn't matter if its long or short. 

If you still don't understand the rules, you can watch the video below :) 

And here is the contest form:  

I hope you guys understand all the rules. This giveaway is only open for Malaysian of all ages. 
Feel free to spread to news of this giveaway around! 
Thank you so much for joining :) 

The winner will be announced on my instagram next week so keep on the lookout!

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