Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Event: CREMORLAB Exclusive Product Launch!

Hello loves! On the first day of Ramadhan, I was invited to an exclusive Cremorlab event at Muse by Watsons, Sunway Pyramid. I was so excited to attend this event because its one of my favourite Korean brands. I was introduced to Cremorlab by Bag of Love. They included a trial hydration kit and sunblock in one of their monthly subscription bags which I forgot which month. The sunblock was the first product I tried from them. Its so gentle to my skin, doesn't irritate it and doesn't leave a greasy feeling which made me instantly fell in love with the sunblock and went out and buy an actual size of it. Besides the sunblock, you should also try one of their best selling products, Fresh Water Gel. That's the bomb!

Hydration is the main ingredient for youthful and healthy, glowing looking skin. Without hydration, our skin will dry out and age faster resulting in premature aging. Special guest, Dr. Koh Chuan Keng, a consultant dermatologist from Koh Skin Specialist Clinic in Damansara Utama was there with us to share the knowledge of how important skin hydration is and how it could benefit us. To cut to the chase, in order to obtain hydrated skin we need to drink plenty of water, sleep early, healthy lifestyles, moisturize well. 

The brand manager, the one who greeted us, introduced us to Dr. Koh Chuan Keng and attended to us throughout the event, the beautiful, Amanda Gan introduced us (more) to the highly raved Korean brand by Korean beauty bloggers and the very famous Youtube Star, the queen of all beauty gurus, Michelle Phan, - Cremorlab. The main attraction of the event was the new skincare product, T.E.N Cremor Mineral Treatment Essense. 

T.E.N stands for Thermal water therapy, Eco energy and Natural nourishment. Comes from 1,100 meters below sea level from a small town Geumjin, Korea, T.E.N is famous for its richness in minerals. It contains minerals with healing and vitalizing powers that helps deliver the most effective components directly to your skin. 

We were free to ask Dr. Koh anything regarding skin hydration or skin in general, really. Since my skin is really sensitive, acne prone and somewhat dry in certain areas, I asked Dr. Koh which specific skincare product should I use and which part should I concentrate more. Skincare wise, I have to concentrate on the sensitive + acne part first. For hydration, he asked me to drink a lot of water and sleep early everyday. He also suggested to reduce any dairy intake because its been scientifically proven to cause acne because of the cow hormone in the milk. 

Aside from that, we were also getting an express makeover by Muse beauty consultants and a chance to try out Cremorlab products by ourselves. I didn't have a makeover because I already had a full on makeup on my face so I played with the products instead. Besides Mineral Treatment Essense, we were also introduced to another new products called Bubble Mask and Long Lasting Perfect BB (not so new). Tried the Bubble Mask and instantly fell in love as well. To me the packaging has always been the major factor of how I love Cremorlab but their products are amazing too. Not surprised that its one of Korea's leading brands. 

Then its time for Skin Analysis. Mike was so nice and helpful in explaining everything regarding my skin condition as well as suggesting products to both me and +Mieza Everdeen. I was so disgusted with my skin during the Skin Analysis. The texture of my skin's really ugly and not smooth. Hence, the result! My main issues are my 3D complexion, the texture of my skin and inflammation. Mike recommended a few products and suggested me to exfoliate my skin often to diminish the oil seeds on my face. Whenever you're visiting Muse at Watsons, look for Mike! :) 

A thoughtful gesture, special takeouts for the Muslims! They didn't make us feel left out with the food hehe and it was delish! Also, got to bring home the Mineral Treatment Essence and Hydration Mini Kit as shown above of the "product listing" picture. Stay tuned for the Mineral Treatment Essence review by the end of this month! 

Thank you for the invite Butterfly Project and Cremorlab!
Check them out at Muse by Watsons, Sunway Pyramid (LG1.59)!

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