Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Review: NEW L'oreal Paris White Perfect 10 Total Action + Protection!

Hello loves! ❤ Have you ever been searching for just one particular product that is non-greasy and will not just protect your skin from the harmful rays, but also evens out and brightens your skin complexion making it look like you are glowing from within without the need of makeup? Say "What's up bijes!" to my new secret weapon! The all new L'OREAL Paris White Perfect 10 SPF 30 PA+++ Total Action + Protection is your babe! 

Why 10 you ask? Well, its an all in one whitening product that is packed with 5 complete brightening and 5 full protection! It gives you fairer complexion and at the same time, act as a bodyguard to protect your skin. Comes with 50ml worth of product and little goes a long way! I love the pump. It has a bouncy feel to it which I find very fascinating :p And it gives you great control of how much product you want to dispense. 

When I first dispensed it, I was shocked to see a purple/lavender colour came out but then I remembered that purple helps to brighten and illuminate yellow/swallow undertone. And it does gives you that instant brightening effect as well as evening out the skin tone. It absorbs fast into your skin and gives you brighter and fairer complexion within seconds! The product is very light-weight and doesn't feel greasy or look oily at all on your skin. And it smells sooo good! For a better result, pair it with L'OREAL Paris White Perfect pH 6.5 Foam Cleanser! 

Likes: What. Is. Not. To. Love! Seriously and honestly, I'm freaking loving this day cream! All the benefits you need in one single friendly product? That's the dream! I love the fact that it brightens my complexion, evens out my skin tone, light-weight yet, moisturizing and best of all (at least, to me), no sticky feeling since my skin is pretty oily on the T-Zone so, yeay! Totally bringing this with me to college next week :D

Dislike: Couldn't think of any 'cause I love it!

Overall: In my opinion, I seriously think that this is such a great product and its affordable too so everyone regardless of age can give it a try. If you're constantly exposed to the sun, have dark spots and dull complexion then give this product a shot. Oh, and for those with sensitive skin, this product will not harm/irritate you. I was scared at first but surprisingly, its very gentle! A must have I would say ;)
Disclaimer: This product was given to me for reviewing purpose but that doesn't affect my opinion as I'm being 100% honest :)

Price: RM39.90 | 50ml at all participating pharmacies starting June 2014


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