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Review: NARS Adult Swim Collection for Summer 2014

Hello loves! ❤ As you know, NARS is a very popular high-end cosmetic brand known to the world. Makeup lovers around the world would surely love to get their hands on the brand. We're so lucky that NARS has finally arrived in our country. Such a tearful moment for us all :') Hehe. My very first two products from NARS were their Bronzing Laguna and Orgasm blush. Those two are my holy grail as well. And today, I'm proud to present to you three products from their Summer 2014 Adult Swim Collection that's currently available in their store in Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur. 

In overseas, people likes to wear colourful colours during Summer because Summer is so happening for them but here in Malaysia, its Summer all year round that its not happening for us anymore HAHA! But that doesn't stop us from wearing bright makeups. So make your eyes pop with neon lemon lime and icy lavender shadows while rosy quartz and bronze add depth and definition to your eyes. Also, feel the heat with a soft and sultry peach champagne for cheeks and a bold geranium for nails that are also in the collection! 

Starting off with the Limited Edition Lost Coast Duo Eyeshadow. The left one is Golden Pewter and the right one is Lilac Snow. A little review: I love the shadows, its pigmented and feels so smooth and buttery. A bit powdery in my opinion but easy to blend. The colours are definitely out of my comfort zone but even so, its such a sweet and innocent colour to wear both alone and together. 

The Iraklion Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Smoky Rose Quartzis one of my favourite. Loving the soft pink colour. It has a smooth and creamy texture which is so easy to blend. You can use it on its own to just highlight your eyes for that awaken and eye brightening look or use it as a base for your powder shadows to intensify it. Very long wearing and doesn't make my shadows crease. 

Never owned any eye paint before and I'm absolutely surprised and impressed by how pigmented the Baalbek Eye Paint (bronze) is. The colour is beautiful and even more beautiful when you swatched it. Its a brilliant pot of high-impact pigment in an innovative silky, weightless gel formula. Its very long wearing and waterproof. When it stays on your lids it definitely stays on your lids. It doesn't budge, it doesn't smudge. It glides on smoothly and yet, it dries down quickly. Blend it out for a soft sultry look or go for the bold! 

And here are the swatches for you guys. You can see how pigmented and beautiful the colours are. Love it! As lilac is a very soft and almost to pale colour, be sure to prime your lids first for a strong and vivid colour. And here, I've put together a simple day to night eye makeup for you guys using the three products together. Hope you like it! 

As usual, always start with a clean eyes! Not to prime is a crime so be sure to prime your eyes first for a more intense colour pay-off! 

For the day look; I put Iraklion Soft Touch Shadow Pencil all over my lids as a base. Then I applied Lilac Snow on top of it for a slightly intense and lovelier lilac colour. Then I applied Golden Pewter on my lower lash lines. I finished off the look by highlighting my inner corners with Iraklion Soft Touch Shadow Pencil and also highlighting about 1/4 of my lower lash lines. 

For the night look; I placed the Baalbek Eye Paint all over my lids on top of Lilac Snow. You just need only a dap amount of Baalbek Eye Paint as its very pigmented so you might want to work with only little amount of it at a time. Build up the colour according to your liking but here, I just put a small amount of the eye paint and blended it well to make it really soft. Then I placed Lilac Snow on my inner corners with Golden Pewter still on my lower lashes. Finally, I placed Iraklion Soft Touch Shadow Pencil on my brow bones to highlight it.

Hope you guys like the look I've put together! What are you thoughts on this new collection?

 Lost Coast Duo Eyeshadow (4g) - RM120
Baalbek Eye Paint (2.5g) - RM95
 Iraklion Soft Touch Shadow Pencil (4g) - RM90

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