Saturday, June 21, 2014

Review: Fairy Beauty Life Food

Hello loves! ❤ Sorry I have so many pending posts and despite my sort of busy schedule, I still force myself to sit, write and post all the pending posts but I'm sorry to say that this is the fastest that I can have it up on my blog :( Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm very dedicated when it comes to doing this but it just that this month has been really hectic for me. My apology! 

Anyway, lets get back to the main agenda! Now, when we talk about supplements, there are so many supplements that you can take out there depending on your main concern. Weight loss, vitamin, steroid, you name it. Fairy Beauty Life Food is weight loss management supplement that claims to be one of the most effective and safest slimming programs out there. Now, lets learn more about it! 

Life Food is a meal placement that is high with dietary fiber and prebiotic. It has 16 types of vitamin and mineral and Chia Seeds Omega 3 and 6. Its a sustainable weight loss program and reduces bad cholesterol. This product is a complete formula with full nutritional content, a very convenient and practical meal replacement formula formula that suits every individual and it also has 5 actions to restore your overall body wellness which are; Strengthen body lean muscle composition and contouring body figure to help promote protein synthesis to build muscle mass, Effective in weight management and promote lasting effects, Improve cholesterol level, blood sugar level and cardio health to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, Enhance overall body healthiness and Nourishes and replenishes body wellness comprising nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that can quench your daily nutrients requirement. 

So you just have to mix 3-4 tablespoon of the Life Food and with 250ml of warm water and take it twice a day before breakfast and dinner. Its really easy to prepare it. You don't have to shake it or blend it. Just pour warm water and drink up! The tiny tiny dots you can see there is the Chia seeds! Don't worry, its very safe and halal to drink. If you don't feel like drinking this, try their other two best seller products; Fairy Whitez (here) and Fairy Blossom (here). 

Before that, I just want to tell you guys that my mom's the who had been drinking the Life Food. I tried drinking in a few times but my body doesn't want to take it. I feel like vomiting. But this is not because of the product itself, I swear, its not. I have also tried Herbalife formula shake before because my siblings are a frequent user and I couldn't drink that either. A few sips and I already feel like vomiting :( I think its because of the Soybean. Life Food also tasted like Soybean. I rarely drink Soybean. I think all my life I can only count how many times I have consumed Soybean. And also with plain milk, I can only drink Low Fat. ONLY low fat. What is wrong with me?! Lol. So, I gave this drink to my mom. My apology to the respected PR. I really cannot drink Soybean :( But this is my mom's review: 

Results: She liked the taste of it and she loved the fact that you have to mix it with warm water unlike other brands. She also loved that its so quick and easy and doesn't take too much time and you don't have to wait a few hours to take your meal after drinking it. So far, she didn't notice any weight loss but she maintained her body figure. She also noticed that while drinking Life Food, she seldomly went to the toilet. Anyone experienced the same thing? But other than that, she liked it!
Disclamer: Item was sent to me for reviewing purpose but all opinions made by my mom was 100% honest. She didn't get paid and I also didn't pay her to say all these things :)

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