Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review: Fairy Beauty Clenz

Hello loves!  Yup, another Fairy Beauty review back to back :p Aher. When you hear or see Fairy Beauty products anywhere just remember that its all about health and making you beautiful inside and out. This is the last product that I'm trying out from Fairy Beauty. Fairy Beauty came out with four products that is guaranteed to make you feel good about yourself and enhance your natural inner and outer beauty. Their products ranges from Fairy Blossom (here), Fairy Whitez (here), Life Food (here) and Clenz! All have different and great benefits for you :) 

Yup, a drinking supplement! Clenz is manufactured using 100% pure natural organic nano plant essence which is extremely easy for the body to absorb. Our body produces toxins through its daily functions which needs to be eliminated. When these toxins are not eliminated, this will cause auto-intoxication: An increased growth in bacteria which ferments undigested food residues, turning them into compounds to reabsorbed in the body organs, liver and kidney. This drink has a lot of benefits for you which kicks in as early as 10 days of consuming! 

Clenz has a cleaning effect which prevents continuing diarrhoea as well as reduces the possible injury caused by environment factor towards the eyes. It has no side effect, no artificial seasoning and colouring. Benefits of drinking Clenz includes; Detoxification which breaks down impacted food residue and thoroughly cleanses the bowel, Strengthens Intestines and Stomach Functions. Eases constipation, improve digestion, prevent water-retention and reduces discomfort and bloating, improves and maintains body well-being and the quality of life. Eye Protection and Nutrition Boosting. 

It comes in a really cute and tiny bottle. Different from the other two products, you don't need to take off the top cap or whatsoever. Just follow the four easy steps and you are good to go :D Wonder how it tastes like? Even though there's no dried plum listed in the ingredients, but it kind of taste like one. Dried plum is known to make you go to the toilet often (pooping) and I was like "Ah, no wonder" but then, there's no dried plum or anything similar listed there so it must be something else but don't worry, the taste is bearable. After all, it does come it a tiny bottle. You will finish it in no time. Just with one long sip! And as always, loving the convenient, tiny and cute packaging! Can easily put it in your pocket, drink it while driving or while doing absolutely anything and it will only take about 6-8 seconds of your time. 

Likes: It tastes good. Love dried plum actually hehe. Convenient, handy and easy to bring everywhere. It has a lot of nutrition for you body and eyes. It cleanses away your toxin which I love. Boleh cepat kurus lol. Speaking of that, at first I thought it was something I ate that was making my stomach ache and forcing me to not walk but run to the toilet. But after I read a post on facebook of a fellow blogger asking about it, I finally knew that it was because of Clenz. I love that it cleansing my body but; 

Dislikes: I don't really like the fact that it makes me want to invest in the toilet at the most random time and place ever HAHA! I know that the effect will kick in around 7-8 hours but mine kicks in whenever it wants to kick in which makes me sort of inconvenient for me. 

Overall: With that being said, I still love this product but like I said, I rarely to go to toilet and even if it makes me invest at the most random time, it is still a good thing for my body. Plus, I eat a lot and mostly unhealthy food so Clenz does help me to invest more LOL. Aside from that, I'm still testing it out to observe the other benefits :) 
Disclamer: Product was sent for reviewing purpose but all opinions were my own and 100% honest :)

Price: RM88.00 (10 X 12ml) @ HiShop Malaysia


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