Monday, June 16, 2014

Monthly Favourites: MAY 2014

Hello loves! ❤ My first semester of my final year has started and I needed a few days to settle in and switched my sleeping pattern to the way it should so that's why I've been missing for the whole week. Glad I can get back to blogging as I have so much to share with all of you! May was my month as it's my birthday month. I must say that I've been blessed. I never wanted a big surprise or a birthday party. All I ever wanted was to have all of my loved ones around me and spending quality time with them. To me, that's the best present ever. But the best-est present ever was the one I gave myself - a kickass pointer that got me back on track, yay me! 

1. Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cleansing Oil
Starting off with skincare, I've been enjoying this product so much last month. Don't believe? Look closely. I'm all out! Hehe. Used it till the very last drop. I've fallen in love with cleansing oil ever since I tried Shu Uemura's Pore Cleansing Oil and I wanted to buy something that's pretty similar but cheaper and this was it! Removed all waterproof and heavy makeup like ABC 123 DO RE MI.

2. YADAH Oh My Sunblock! 
Although I only have a deluxe size with me, it still lasts for a very long time! I used it on and off for a few months but last month, my skin was super sensitive and I wanted something that's super gentle on my skin, light and doesn't leave a greasy feeling on my skin. Yup, this is the one!

3. ANUGERAH Facial Cleanser 
Honestly, I never heard of it before but my friend, Miss M. uses it and loves it. She said it helps in calming down her acne and it feels good on her skin. Since my skin was being super sensitive last month in particular, I decided to try. Though it has fragrance in it, it doesn't irritate me at all! I love the breezy/minty feeling that it gives. Perfect for morning cleanser. It does calm my skin and lessen the redness. 

1) M.A.C All fired up (Retro Matte)
Moving on to makeup, I really can't stress enough on how obsessed I am with this lipstick! So in love with the colour and I just love how it looks on me. Been wearing it religiously ever since I got it hehe. 

2) MAKEOVER Eyeshadow in No. 53 Chic
When I first swatch it, I instantly felt in love! The colour is super gorgeous. I just love how natural it looks but still has that glamourous side to it. It is sort of like a duo chrome colour cause sometimes it comes off on the golden side but nevertheless, such a pretty colour! Will review it soon for you guys :) 

1) MK Pure Ice Repair Treatment 
First time featuring a hair care product hehe. Anyone here familiar with the brand MK Pure? If you love to go to beauty fairs then I think you would know. It's often sold during those events. I'm very much familiar with the brand and have used quite a number of products from them but this one in particular is the best I've tried so far. It detangles my hair within seconds of application. It makes my hair smooth and quite easy to manage. Love the icy feeling that it gives as well. Got it for RM68 for two (buy 1 free 1) 1000ml during the IBE. Worth it! 

Have you tried any of these products? 
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