Thursday, May 15, 2014

Review: Fairy Beauty Fairy Whitez

Hello loves!  Last time I did a review on a sister product of Fairy Whitez which is the Fairy Blossom (click here). Fairy Blossom focuses more on breast enlargement and your inner health while this Fairy Whitez focuses more on your face area and lightening up your skin. You can go and read my review on the Fairy Blossom first then come back and continue reading my review on the Fairy Whitez so that you get better understanding and won't get confused or anything as both products have its own benefits and caters different needs of our outer and inner health. 

Just like Fairy Blossom, Fairy Whitez also contains 10 bottles worth 22 Mils each in each box. Its made out of safe and natural ingredients: Mulberry and Lingonberry (6000mg), L-Glutathione (500mg), Kiwi Seed Extract (350mg), Salmon Placenta (1500mg), Collagen (3000mg) and Artichoke (500mg). Yang penting, halal. These ingredients help to smooth and restore the youthfulness of your skin and enhance your skin complexion. With 1-2 bottles a day, your skin will appear brighter, younger and you will be glowing from within. 

If your skin concern is one of these; wrinkles, dark circle, pigmentation, pimples / acne scars, saggy skin, large pores then Fairy Whitez is your bae! It helps to reduce and fight all of that. Just drink 1-2 bottles a day. I only drink once a day. But before you drink it, shake it for about 5 seconds then remove the cap and insert the straw provided and drink it up! It tastes like berry so don't worry, very delicious. But its a little too concentrated and sour but after awhile, you will get used to it, like I did LOL. 

Actually, I've been drinking Fairy Whitez for 4-5 months now even before I took Fairy Blossom so I'm sorry 'cause I can't provide any comparison pictures but below are what I've accumulated from 4-5 months of consuming Fairy Whitez. But just to clarify things, last month I took a pill to heal my inflamed skin but I had to stop 'cause its dangerous to consume regularly so due to that, my skin's been acting up real bad, tiny bumps all over my face. Those who've seen me lately, you'd know how bad my skin condition is right now. Fairy Whitez had nothing to do with it. That being said, here are the results of Fairy Whitez that I've accumulated all these while. But results may vary from person to person. 

  • Before consuming Fairy Whitez, I had a lot of acne scars. This helps to reduce some of my scars and lightens those really dark and stubborn scars.
  • It prevents dark spots from forming and lightens up my complexion.
  • It does not prevent acne at all however, it controls it. Only a few breakouts a month which is actually a good news for me! HAHA 
  • It reduces my dark circles after 1 box of consumption as I'm an insomniac and dark circles are my worst enemy.
  • The visibility of my pores were reduced at some point but now, nothing changes.
  • My skin's more subtle, smooth and hydrated after two months. 

Overall: Different from Fairy Blossom, Fairy Whitez works 2x faster and more effective in terms of improving my complexion but I do prefer Fairy Blossom more when it comes to giving/boosting my energy and keeping my period pain at bay. But lets face it, we all want better complexion and if we had to choose either one, I'm sure everyone is willing to bear with their painful period pain just so they can have better complexion am I right? I'm serious, this is the only beauty drink that I'm taking and will continue taking it because I believe in it and I saw and still see what its done to my skin - making it better. 
*Dislamer: These products were sent to me for reviewing purpose but all opinions are my own and 100% honest. Always has, always will :) 

Price: RM89.00 per box @ HiShop Malaysia (Buy here)
Buy 2 boxes and get 4 free bottles @ RM178.00


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