Thursday, May 15, 2014

Review: Dentiste Premium & Natural White Toothpaste Tube

Hello loves! ❤ I heard you have been searching for a good whitening toothpaste. Well, look no further! Let me introduce you something that I have been using and enjoying for the past months. Meet Dentiste Premium & Natural White Toothpaste! So much love for this. I was a braces girl for two years and after I took it off last year, I noticed that there were some stains on my teeth caused by the braces and there are still some stains left. Getting my teeth professionally whiten is expensive so this is as good as it can get though it may take longer than getting it professional done but its a lot more cheaper so why not? I don't mind the time B-)

With Nano-HAp in Dentiste' Premium & Natural White formula makes it effective not only at removing and preventing stain deposition but also at restoring the natural gloss of tooth enamel and results in safe, natural and whiter teeth. With regular twice a day brushing Dentiste' Premium White provides whitens teeth, freshens breath, fights plaque, fights tartar, fights gingivitis, fights cavities and builds increasing protection against painful sensitivity. 

It claims to whiten your teeth in just two weeks. Its very safe to use, effective and long lasting. The toothpaste is in blue colour and has a minty feel to it which I love 'cause it makes my breath fresh hehe. The toothbrush is the softest I have ever used and the handle is soft too. The toothpaste works best with the toothbrush so you gotta get both! :D 

Likes: The brush is really soft, I really like it. The toothpaste refreshes my breathe with the minty feeling. Something I look for in a toothpaste hehe. But best of all, it did what it claims to do, whitens my teeth in just 2 weeks! Though its not that white but it does help to fade those ugly stains. I will definitely keep using it and update you guys! 

Dislikes: The only thing I don't like about it is that the tube is not fully filled with the toothpaste. You can refer to the picture above. Although the toothpaste is sealed but I have to really press the tube in order to get the toothpaste out. 

Overall: Really love this toothpaste despite all. I mean, did you see the pictures above? It works great! It made my teeth 2 shades lighter than it was before. Love it! 
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purpose but all opinions were my own and 100% honest

Price: Toothpaste: RM25.90 (100g) 
Toothbrush: RM9.90 RM6.93 @ HiShop Malaysia 


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