Tuesday, May 6, 2014

March & April 2014 Favourites!

Hello loves! ❤ Quick update, I'm almost done with my finals, wee! Just one more paper this Friday and hello semester 
break! Hihi. Anyway, I didn't get to post my March favourites so I'm going to combine it with my April favourites!

1) SimplySiti Clear Solution Charcoal Cleanser | RM16.90
Starting off with Skincare, the one that I've been loving recently is this one by SimplySiti. My Michael Todd one is almost out and I want to save it so my other charcoal cleanser alternative is this! Totally forgot how much I once love this!

2) Fairy Beauty Fairy Whitez | RM89.00 per box 
Want a good supplement for your skin? Try Fairy Whitez! It has so many benefits that is good for your skin and it will improve your complexion as well! 

3) Clinique All About Eyes | RM140 for 15ml
I seldom wear any eye cream but lately, because of my finals, I started having really ugly dark circles and this is the best in reducing my ugly dark circles. 

1) Maybelline Magnum Volume Express | RM26-38 depends on where you bought it/promo
This is my very first brown mascara. As you know or may not know, I'm obsessed with Michelle Phan and she have been using brown lengthening mascara in all of her videos recently so I wanted to try one and I'm in love! So natural looking! 

2) NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo | RM26
I mentioned how much I love this SMLC in my Drugstore Diva post (here). Such a lovely colour and perfect for everyday wear. 

3) Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in Plum Mousse Cake & Grapefruit Jelly | RM39.90
Although I really hate the lasting power of these two blushes but I really love the outcomes! It looks so flattering not just on me, but on my friends too! I want more! Hehe you can read my review on it (here).

4) ZOEVA 127 Luxe Cheer Cheek | RM53
I really wanted this cheek brush for a really long time but I never got 'em. But a month ago, luxola had a sale going on and I thought to myself, "this is the perfect time to get my hands on it! BELI CEPAT!!!" LOL and I love it so much! It blends my blushes so well!

5) Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set | RM4-10(?) Can't remember :s
For years I been using the sample eyebrow powder from Sigma that I got from Luxola but I'm already out on that. I wanted to buy the NYX one but its always out but then I found Essense! So inexpensive and matches my brows so well! 

And that's my favourites for the whole two months! What's yours? 
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