Saturday, May 17, 2014

Haul: International Beauty Expo 2014

Hello loves!  ❤ Today was the first day of the International Beauty Expo (IBE) 2014 at KL Convention Centre, KLCC. I have been waiting for this event for so long so of course I went there today with my mom. I was in the market for skincare products since my skin has been acting up real bad so I just pandang sebelah mata to all the makeup things LOL. Before we get to the haul, lets see what went down at the IBE!

 This is where you register as either as a non-trade (visitor) or a trade. If you either scan a bar code provided there and register online if you don't want to wait in line but if you don't have any internet access then you just gotta wait in line. You have to fill a form first before you can register and that's what you will get after you have registered. A badge with you name on it which you can use for 4 days of entry and a shopping bag. 

So sorry that these were the only pictures that I managed to take but I will tell you what's there at the IBE!

Cosmetics: There were a lot of retail/wholesale makeup supply booths that sells makeup like false lashes (so many to choose from!), glitters, makeup tools, brushes, international makeup brands (korea, japan, thailand, etc), hair products in normal size/salon size, hair tools, hair equipment (steamer, etc), nail polishes, nail rack, everything that gotta do with nails you name it all got and its all priced at a ridiculously discounted price! 

Ie: 500ml-800ml products priced at rm38-40 I mean whaaaat?

Skincare: Just.. Ya Allah so many! LOL. From local to International bebeh. If face masks are what you are searching for then you will have a headache using which brand of face masks you wanna try haha. There were also a big giant powder mask that facial centres often use (most of the skincare companies there are mainly searching for companies/facial centre/spa to supply too) so everything were priced at a very crazy discounted price. You might not need to go to facial anymore. You can just do it at home. You can buy facial/skincare equipment too there were a streamer, ultrasonic machine, UV light, you name it, everything that a facial centre has, you can find it there. Wax, everything, you name it. 

There were also some makeup/cosmetology academies there so if you are searching for that than you can also check it out. They are doing crazy promotion if you decided to enroll. 

These are the things that I managed to catch. Mostly skincare products hehe and I also bought a giant ass makeup bag (cost me rm100 can you believe it?) cause I like to pretend to be a makeup artist! Haha. Will update you soon on these products hehe. 

Wanna go to the IBE? Click (here) for more details! 

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