Friday, May 23, 2014

Event: Butterfly Project Laser Tag Party

Hello loves! ❤ On May 10th, I had my very first experience on playing Laser Tag with 40 other butterflies at Laser Warzone, eCurve. The event was to celebrate our beloved blogger community, The Butterfly Project 1st year anniversary. Yay, congrats! Can't really tell you how grateful I am to be apart of this wonderful and amazing community! I never thought of being what I am now if it wasn't for them. I will keep on supporting this community and do anything that I could to make it better. Cheers to many more years to come!

Before the event started, we were introduced on how to play the game while eating a very spicy nasi lemak. I was told that it was really spicy right after I mixed quite a lot of the sambal with my rice HAHAHA. Then, we divided into 4 big groups which are; Huntress (my group!), Mulan, Athena and Laser Fly. The war zone was really dark but you can still see what was going on inside. Each gun has their own name so pick any gun you like. The vest has two colours, blue and green. So in the war zone, if your team is wearing blue then only shoot those who are wearing green. 

That's my team, Huntress! We were the first team to go to the battle field with team Mulan. We lost unfortunately. We lost twice but managed to win first during the last battle. I was Nebula for the last game and got first! Hehe super proud of that. We learnt that Nebula, Tank, Commander, Dodger (maybe a few more) are one of the good guns. Avoid getting Cipher 'cause that gun is not really working well. It was always placed last. 

Our team also learnt to always choose the back side of the warzone. My favourite place was the stage at the back. I can really see my target. The other thing I learnt was that don't just take cover and wait for your target, you got to run around and find (or eat!) your target and shoot the crap out of them hahahahaha joking. But really, it worked. For the first 3 games I took cover and waited for my rivals but for the last game, I went mad. No more hiding and waiting, its peek-a-boo time! GRATATA! :p 

Source: Laser Warzone
The event ended with announcing the winners and cutting cake ceremony. Team Laser Fly won 1st place followed by team Athena. Our team, Huntress won 3rd and team Mulan 4rd. 1st-3rd place got a medal with Butterfly Project on it, so cute and a buy 1 free 1 voucher! Wee totally going to come back soon and shoot some more, it was really really fun! I was sweating like crazy because of all the running and later at home, I can't really walk for 2 days because of the cramp HAHA tak fit langsung. A little tips for you ladies, please dress comfortably (like NadKassim si cantik kat depan sekali tu) and if possible, forget all the makeup 'cause you are going to sweat a lot and run everywhere. One of the best events indeed. Looking to have more events like this in the future ;) 

Source: Laser Warzone
Have you guys played Laser Tag before? If haven't, check Laser Warzone out at eCuve! 
Here are the prices:
Normal Price:
1 battle - RM20
2 battles - RM32 
3 battles - RM42
Unlimited - RM60

Student Price:
1 battle - RM17
2 battles - RM27 
3 battles - RM37
Unlimited - RM55

Part Package:
RM50 / PAX
Max 15 pax
4 Games
Food & Drinks provided
2 hours usage of private room

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