Monday, April 28, 2014

Nerdy is the new sexy!

Hello loves!  How yall doing so far? I'm doing great although my final examination starts this Wednesday but I'm great hehe. 
Now I know Raya is about 3 months away but don't you want to start planning on what to wear. accessorize and such now? 

You have 1 more month till Puasa and I know you're going to be tired and restless during that time so lets start now! How about 
staring with something simple like accessorizing! Ever tried of accessorizing with gadgets? You would be surprised of how 
much by just changing your iPhone (any phones) cases can change up your whole look! Try to mix and match your clothes
and your gadgets today! Here are some ideas for you to try! 

Which one is your favourite? Mine is the "My Little Black Dress". Really love the style! 

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