Friday, March 15, 2013

#Makeuptips101 Overnight Beauty Products You Should be Using

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Hello loves! ❤ It's been a long time since I last posted a makeup tips on my blog. Well actually I'm going to touch on some skincare products but I believe if we practice good skincare regime, our makeups going to look even more flawless and easy to apply. A good skincare regime leads to a flawless makeup routine! A way to have a flawless looking canvas ;) You don't believe me? Ask the beauty experts! 

Carly Woods from shared an amazing regime that we need to follow or at least consider. Those who doesn't have enough 8 hours of sleep should really consider her regime. Including myself! Haha. I never get enough 8 hours of sleep. Its either lack of sleep or oversleep. NEVER enough for me. If we don't get enough sleep and drink the right amount of water, our skin may suffer. Uh-oh! That's bad! :o

Carly mentioned that washing our face in the morning is equally as important as washing it at night. We need to remove all those heavy products or our skin may become congested. Here are what Carly suggested for us to use after cleansing and toner (for those who use toner):

1) Begin with the base
Do you know what the base is? Its Facial Serum! "Facial Serums are used to address specific problems such as wrinkles, aging and brightness." Apply a few drops and pad it to your skin. I used to use one but I stopped. Should I start again?

2) Add the primer
Here it means, Facial oils for added hydration. Gosh, I never use any facial oils all my life! Facial oils will make you wake up with beautiful and plump skin. Should buy one now! Any good suggestion(s)?

3) Don't forget to moisturize!
I've been ignoring Step 1 and 2 but this Step 3 is something that I will never skip. Though I have oily skin, I never forget to moisturize. Carly said that moisturizer will keep the goodness of the serum and oil. 

4) Give your eyes some love! 
"Overloading the skin around your eyes with too much of a heavy product can cause puffiness and sometimes breakouts." Omg W H A T?! I never know that! No more stuffing so much eye cream! Look for a powerful wrinkle reducing or moisturizing eye cream to hydrate and repair it. 

These are the four overnight beauty products that Carly suggested us to use. Honestly, at night I just cleanse my face, apply toner and moisturize. Sometimes I do apply some eye cream but most of the time I didn't. Same routine for my morning routine too. Boring right? No Anti-Aging stuff :(

So, what's your overnight beauty products that you use everyday?
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