Wednesday, April 23, 2014

LC Derma Skincare Range - Overview

Hello loves! ❤ Remember last month I went to HiShop X LC Derma Skincare Workshop (here)? Well, today I'm going to give you guys an overview of the whole LC Derma Skincare range and give you guys a little bit of idea of which one suits your skin problem(s) more. But, mind you that I will do a more in depth review on each of the product/range later on because I do have my own personal thoughts on each one of these products. 

All LC Derma products have; 
No Lanolin, No Colorant, No Animal Derived Ingredients, No Petrochemical, No Preservative Added, No Comedogenic Ingredients, No Mineral Oil. 

This is a sulfate-free, mild, gentle and non-irritating cleanser that removes surface impurities, dirts, excess oils and it washes off easily. 
And its also formulated with mild and moisturizing ingredients that is kind to our delicate skin. Its very safe to use for all skin types!

This mist is not just going to keep your skin as healthy as possible and improve your skin conditions but make it appears 
younger. An oily-free solution that is non-drying to the skin that provides a surge of hydration which helps to improve signs 
of aging/skin refining. Frequent use will leave your skin delicate, smooth, moisturize, soft and supple and youthful.

A non-drying and non-greasy formulation that gives you an intense sensation of softness. Enriched 
with moisturizing complex that are kind to our skin and prevent it from drying out. 

They key active ingredient is derived from the combination of two super-leaves that contains tannins to protect oily and 
acne-prone skin. This environmentally responsible ingredient helps to reduce the inflammation by limiting sebum oxidation 
and thus, control sebum production. This product keeps your pores clean and clear and your skin will be less oily.

LC Derma Lipo Stem Cell Anti-Aging Serum (30ml) | RM109.90
Creating a more youthful, healthier and younger-looking skin, this incredible serum helps to protect your skin against aging 
and get rid of those wrinkles/fine lines, leaving your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated, plumper, smoother, supple, firm and lift. 

LC Derma Lipoceu Lumino Whitening Serum (30ml) | RM109.90
Keep up your skin radiance with this light and on-greasy Lipoceu Lumino Whitening Serum. It is not only great as brightens up your 
skin complexion, but it moisturizes and evens out your skin, leaving your skin smoother, softer and brighter skin appearance.

LC Derma UV CC Cream SPF30 (30ml) | RM89.90
A multi-function CC Cream that helps to even out skin tone for perfect radiant skin. Rich, non-greasy, soothing, comfortable and 
hydrate all day long. It helps to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and helps your skin maintain an even complexion/
correction unevenness complexion. Comes in one shade and suitable for all skin types. 

From left: Whitening, Anti-Aging skin, Oily and acne-prone skin and Normal-dry skin. 

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