Saturday, April 26, 2014

Event: Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet

Hello loves!  
Yesterday I went to the Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet happening at Taylor's Lakeside Campus from 25th-27th April 
(More info here). 

I went there around 9.30 a.m yesterday but I decided to take my breakfast first. When I came back the first session 
has started so I quickly registered and I got the 10.20 a.m session which was the second session. 

Look at all the girls behind there trying to find pretty clothes that they like. I was so nervous because I don't 
know how to fold clothes nicely HAHA I'm the worst at folding clothes you know!

So everyone has only 15 minutes to pick the clothes that they like and fold them nicely into the zip back. 
Hence the two girls sitting down and folding their clothes. They managed to get a lot!

But careful, there's a penalty cost of RM20 you have to pay if you happen to rip the bag and they will give 
you a new bag after you pay. Sobs. I ripped my bag few minutes before the session ended :( 

HAHA! Ugly sad faces. I only managed to get 1x floral long skirt, 1x sweater and 1x long sleeve shirt. But I absolutely 
love all the items I picked up especially the skirt! Noticed that my bag is marked "P"? Sobs, P stands for penalty :(

I also picked up Aussino King Quilt Cover for my mom at the Aussino 80% Stock Clearance Sale (More info here)! There 
were a lot of people there and there are a lot of chooses to choose from, from bed sheets, quilt covers to towels! 

Tomorrow is the last day so don't miss this awesome event! If you're around Subang, come to Taylor's Lakeside Campus! 
It starts at 10 a.m. And also, don't miss out the Blowout Sales where everything is priced at RM10 which starts at 4 p.m! 
There are also a mini bazaar where you can buy accessories, bikinis, cosmetics and Bag Of Love is also there too! 
Don't miss out!

p/s: The record now is 20 pieces by a guy! Girls, go beat!

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