Saturday, April 5, 2014

Event: HiSHOP x LC DERMA Skincare Workshop

Hello loves!  Sorry for being MIA! First my laptop went down. Broken. Cannot use already. Then my broadband out of service pula. I can only update using the internet on my phone using WiFI-Hotspot HAHA a sad month indeed :/ But that’s okay, as long as I can update my blog then that’s fine with me :) But sorry for posting about this event so freaking late though! 

So anyway, last month I got invited to LC DERMA Skincare Workshop by HiShop Malaysia. It was my first time ever (or probably everyone’s first time, idk, maybe) meeting the fabulous HiShop Team in person. The event took place at WXYZ Bar, Aloft Hotel, KL Sentral. It was one of the most casual events ever, I swear! Everything was so laid back and sempoi. They fed us with delicious food and drinks from botol susu bayi before starting the event HAHAHA so segan to drink wei.

The event started with Mr. Benson, the founder of LC DERMA introducing the products and giving brief explanations and demos on all the products. The brand focuses on Lipo Stem Cell/PhytoCellTec Symphytum which has been proven to slow down skin aging and keeping it youthful. 

The brand also focuses on the 7Nos
No Lanolin, No Colorant, No Animal Derived Ingredients, No Petrochemical, No Preservative Added, No Comedogenic Ingredients, No Mineral Oil. 

The brand carries seven products all together which are; Facial Wash, Lipiceu Turnaround Mist, Anti-Aging Serum, Sebum Control, Whitening Serum, Moisturizing Serum and UV CC Cream. 

Normal Skin 
Facial Wash + Turnaround Mist + Moisturizing Serum

Oily Skin
Facial Wash + Turnaround Mist + Sebum Control

Dry Skin
Facial Wash + Turnaround Mist + Moisturizing Serum

Facial Wash + Turnaround Mist + Anti-Aging Serum

Facial Wash + Turnaround Mist + Whitening Serum

*Use UV CC Cream during daytime as the last step before makeup. 

As the final event, cutting the pretty cake time! The cake was so beautifully made that I felt so sorry for it before I go ahead and pelahap habis. Its my dream makeup cake :') Family, best friends and boyfriend, if you're reading this, nak macamni please for my birthday? Ihiks. 

Was happy to meet Mabel Yan in person (stunning btw!), the one who has been giving me a lot of blogging/review opportunities throughout my blogging year. Thank you Mabel and the fabulous HiShop Team! Macam nak band pula haha. Thank you everyone! I had a great time and thanks HiShop for inviting and organizing this and Mr. Benson being so friendly and helpful in explaining everything. He's so funny!

Keep on the look out for my next review on the products!!

LC DERMA is only sold @ HiShop Malaysia

Exclusive RM20 rebate for my beloved readers: LCDERMA
*With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 30th April 2014
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